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Just LOL.

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Perfect summary.

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Big Dog edition ...

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Did have kind of a cool logo, although I never knew what the company offered until reading this thread. Actually, what the company offered is still a bit of a mystery to me.

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In addition to holeshot devices, the expanded metal starting grid is helping riders get off the gate together. Less 'Art of the Start' is resulting in more crowded first turns?

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Did I forget to mention this guy is my hero!?

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Single axle trailers are not registered in MN.

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Lyndon is super cool and one of the nicest people you will ever meet.

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Probably already been discussed in another thread at some point, but Amsoil is pulling out of sponsoring race teams and racing series. This is their last year at sponsorship levels we've been used to seeing. So many series, from bikes to cars, will be ... more ยป

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Hope Yamaha is offering stock options to the rider singlehandedly resurrecting the YZ450F. The bike goes from unrideable to what appears to be the best handling bike on the track.

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The TC format was very entertaining and the racing was more intense than the std format. SX generally becomes a spread out snoozefest at the 10-minute mark anyway.

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RD1 was looking for any reason to get out of MN for a few days, since it's -200 degrees in this frozen wasteland. Go Vikings!

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Happy for Barcia and Yamaha.

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The new format diminishes the relevancy of the slower riders who normally battle through the semis to get to the main. Less media attention, less airtime, fewer podium appearances, fewer reasons for sponsorships.

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Barcia made it look pretty easy. Happy for him and for Yamaha.

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Kenny was the biggest story of the night. Very happy for him.