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Is it missing part of the frame, or is this where the shock goes? Asking for a friend.

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Unless they make him run with flat tires, Barcia is going to kill it on the new GASGAS. Barcia is a huge win for KTM/GasGas ... IMO, of course.

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DESALLE is a class act.

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In the hypothetical where Adam has a shot at the title and Eli is out of it, I don't think Eli would have any problem letting Adam by.

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from what I remember, JMart rides a 450 better than he rides a 250. Will be fun to see him compete on the big bikes.

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No doubt the track is awesome. The Ridge is a National level track and I would be surprised if MX Sports has not discussed holding a Pro National there.

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Thank you MX Sports for two (four) great races this weekend !! FedEx Championship was pretty cool as well. DJ and ET kind of look alike (no significance, just an observation)

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MC completely changed the way riders hit jumps and other obstacles. Riders eventually were able to copy his technique but it took time and while everyone else was learning MC's techniques, he was kicking their collective asses.

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I'll preface this by acknowledging that this may not be correct, but my understanding is that in exchange for television production services (Lucas = MavTV), Lucas is named the main series sponsor. Big win-win for both Lucas/MAV and MXSports ... and ... more »

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Consider 50cc Limited 4-8 to be the Open Class where your 10/10 Jr.s can race against the 12/10 Sr.s

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Almost had a hole-in-one this one time. Missed the put

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Forks at 135 psi

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I'm having a lot of fun with the pre-release version.

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No worth getting injured on a crapped out track.

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The 350 is the most fun bike to ride, IMO. Really reminds me of the 250 2T, but with a excellent low-end power. Excellent low-end power in that it pulls nicely through the corners and your arms remain in your shoulder sockets. Honestly re-sparked the ... more »