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Normally I would agree. There is alot of Vitards out there that tries to get some spotlight by "announcing" something. In this particular case though I disagree. Matthes is usually really good at stating in his post if its a rumor or something really ... more »

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So just because you put a "laughing" emoticon in the middle of your statement, everyone should automatically know that what you´re saying is false? It wasnt unclear that you saying "Wilson maybe replaced Anderson" was untrue. I was referring to the statement

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Great insight there. Seeing as JA was injured almost all season and the three races he did race he was top 5 at every one. Pourcel broke in the top 5 only once in almost a full season with tons of fast people injured. Wilson had been injured for god ... more »

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That really is one of the best looking bikes ever made.

I used to own one of those and like DV I´m also a tall dude (6:4) and I also liked having my levers like that for some reason.
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The problem with both Anderson and Friese is they apparently arent talented enough to make a proper pass without taking someone out. Proper aggresive racing you can blockpass, make em go high och take line away but you ALWAYS LEAVE ROOM. You never ever ... more »

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They said the same about MXGP2 which turned out to just be a re-skin of the first game. Horrific physics and AI and a totally broken multiplayer is things that's kept the first two games down. A good career mode and nice graphics ain't nearly enough.

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Norén is improving in supercross (made SD main on a 250) and is a natural choice because he has so much experience with the team. Probably not a top 10 SX guy though. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if they bring up Jmart if the next race goes badly ... more »

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Hahaha that's actually really funny. Good one Malcolm +1

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"Norén rides a 250 because he's more comfortable on it" You couldn't be more wrong. Noren changed to the 450 long ago and his style suits the 450 much more but in Sweden we don't have supercross so he's using the easier handling 250 to truly learn the ... more »

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They asked both Mookie and Deano but they only offered a 4 race deal. Deano has a privateer program ready and is hoping for a Factory Yamaha deal for outdoors. Mookie apparently has something going with sponsors that he didn't wanna ruin for just a 4 ... more »

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Yeah he has the talent for sure. Its in his head right now I think. Its like he´s trying to override the bike even more than he used to to get faster but it only slows him down.

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Jake is a friendly easy guy who put in consistent results. Maybe Suzuki really likes him and supports him to be the "fill-in" on the Suzuki squads. RCH gives him and off-season practice bike and now he´s filling in on JGR. Feels like Suzuki has a finger ... more »

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I agree with what you are saying but Jake been on Suzukis for two years? He even started last SX season on Kawasaki and before that was Kawi as well when he wasnt hurt. He´s been on Suzuki LESS than a year and thats with sitting out outdoors, If Deano

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