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Same as always. People want everything right away and for free. The game has JUST been released for crying out loud. And how do you think this small developer studio is supposed to pay their employees if they don't charge money for stuff. You can still ... more »

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It is so nice to see AJ27 back in the races again. As he himself says, he´s not himself yet but I´m happy to see him racing already and to be fair he´s not as far off as I thought he would be.

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While I was going to say they just lacked the top talents in the US, I actually think TLD KTM had a little bit of the factory-Yamaha-itis too.

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I'm usually one of those who hates the "It's the bike" excuse. I'm a believer in that a champion can ride almost anything. But I'm proven wrong, big time. What factory Yamaha did to make those bike so shitty, I will never understand.

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That is very true.

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The AMA pointing out rule is almost as stupid as the age rule in MXGP. Just let the racers ride whatever they want. It's not rocket science

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Can't believe you guys are complaining about this with all the bullshit Webb pulls off.

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Heart says Kenny. Brain says Webb.

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Look at the names above him in the results. He's pretty much exactly where I expected him to be. He was usually an average 5th place guy in 250, so 15-25 in 450 sounds about right.

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Milestone releases a game and then never touch it again. It's been the same since the first MXGP. Every game still has the issues and bugs it was shipped with. They aren't paid to fix bugs after its released. If you can get from the start to the finish ... more »

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I'm a Jett fan, but that was pretty stupid. If he would've went down it would be as stupid as Forkner last race. I don't understand why these kids needs to force the issue when they aren't close enough to make the pass.

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Just Forkner beeing Forkner. The kid is crazy talented but he can't seem keep his head together. He really needs to fix this if he wants to start winning championships. Oh, and he can try to fix this attitude problem of his while he's at it.

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It's on the official results. And we knew they were reviewing it since the official results took so long. It's a shame, but also fair. Rules are rules.

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0% chance for Baggett in MXGP. It's Monticelli. They are probably just working out exactly how much he is supposed to pay for the ride before they announce it officially.

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I agree Weege would have been the best choice. Whoever decided are either completely uneducated or just an idiot. There is no reason good enough tbh. At least Diffy is very good.

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He'll make an appearance at some point. He didn't get goodbye to his fans. I'm certain he wants a proper goodbye. He's probably just gonna do the opening ceremony and maybe press day though. And I doubt he'll make it a surprise. We'll know ahead of time ... more »

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Hold your horses. The game is not out yet. They have tons of changes in the works before its released. Everything will be available for free, with a pay-for-convenience model for those who wanna skip ahead a little bit. It was the same in MSM2, just ... more »

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You're better than this Mav.

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I say it because I think it is so. I don't think it's better. It's different. They tweaked some things here and there to not make it so obvious it's mostly the same game. It for sure isn't worth the 30-40 bucks they charge for it. The game still has ... more »

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This is embarrassing. It's not even a reskin of MXGP 2019, it actually has LESS features now. I was supportive of Milestone the first years, convinced they would improve over time but now after this many games it's clear they are falling in the EA sports ... more »