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Yeah a mid-air apology to Ferrandis after a crazy long dogfight for accidentally cross jumping. Then he flat landed, lost the bars, got his hands back on the grips, and pinned it again. Crazy. Yeah i think it was on the last lap or near the last lap.. ... more »

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I'm guessing this thread did nothing except grow Hillbilly's fan base, because after buzzing through the comments, I ultimatly wound up a Hillbilly fan.

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What a shitty deal. I was ao stoked about seeing a full season, fully healthy showdown between Gajser and Herlings. Just another one of those battles and scenerios that never seems to happen 😒

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Tomac has the speed, but not the endurance. Ferrandis is always fast. Every lap of every moto, and he charges all the way to the checkers. The dude clearly wants it more than anyone. It shows. I dont think anything can stop Ferrandis from winning the ... more »

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The dude is a terminator. No way around it.

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The dude was laid over low, feet on the pegs, and f@$# flat tracking off of that big ass drop off. Lap after lap!! I dont think even a young Stewart would do such. I took screenshots of it too lol.

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And Ferrandis is a machine. Full tilt to the finish no matter what. Epic battle we saw today.

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Scrubbing that hard on the last lap of a 30 minute moto/dogfight with Ferrandis, which was just after a legthy dogfight with AC. Gotta love a warrior.

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The effort from this guy, the way he sends it, and the way he gives it his all after so many years is just friggin unbelievable. The guy was laid over low and flat tracking off that drop off lap after lap. Scrubbing jumps so hard his pegs hit dirt, and

... more »

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It's still a ways off. You never know....Barcia may start battling up front again, Webb may get better, or someone like Sexton or AP gets hurt by the end of this outdoor season. Personally, i have all the faith in the world in Barcia as well as Cooper ... more »

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Ferrandis........The "French Terminator".

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Agreed. In recent years, tracks have been ripped to deep in my opinion. You get deep ruts and slot car racing. It's good to see them not ripping the tracks so deep.

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Cairoli defies the laws of nature. A top contender for the mx1 world title, still winning GPs, and he's about to be 36 years old. That dude is a warrior. He's insane.

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With each round, his chances look better and better for sure. My prediction is that its gonna be a dog fight between Roczen, Ferrandis, and AC. I believe one of those 3 will be the champ when the dust clears.

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Love him or hate him, the dude was spectacular at times and provided us with a lot of entertainment for several years.

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I wouldn't say it means the mxgp field is weak. I think they've proven themselves to be narly as f in motocross. What Lupino's and Anstie's results tell that the talent level/speed of ama riders has risen to a higher level than ... more »

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The pre-season hype for 05' was unreal. I have never looked forward to a supercross season so much. Great battles. From what I've read, Reed wasn't as good on the 05' bike as he was on the 04' and 03', so just imagine if Reed had been on his 04' bike ... more »

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My choices exactly.

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Different types of racing with differences in technique. Webb style and technique works well in sx, but in mx Ken's technique works better. Roczen rides in a way that is smoother, less tiring, and more efficient. Outdoors, that is huge. Roczen's Euro ... more »

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I am no Roczen fan, but i recognize how incredible Roczen is when he's healthy, dialed in, and confident. Just like Tomac, when Roczen is all those things, he is untouchable.