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Webb hates losing and is very driven. He is all about winning, so I have no doubt he has worked to improve his outdoor skills and set up. I think he will be much better than last year, and last year he was no slouch. Just a hair off from the top 3. This ... more »

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Well said.

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That's what I'm talkin bout.

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Hoff be haulin. Throttle control is amazing. So smooth. His videos are cool as f. He's winning GPs. I'm sold. I'm a Hoff fan.

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That was incredible. Imagine how insane it would have been in that stadium if fans were there. Tomac is so solid this year. Webb is a gamer from hell. I wonder how many more times Tomac will fight that hard for a win. To crash and blow it now would be ... more »

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For the biggest part of the race, I thought for sure that Tomac was gonna have to settle for 3rd. I didn't think there was any way in hell he could get around Webb and then run Roczen down with so little time left. Once he got into 2nd, he put on a speed ... more »

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The kid is talented and gutsy. I really hope to see him fully recover. I'm not a religious guy, but I'll throw a prayer out there anyway.

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Herlings Gajser Cairoli Febvre Prado

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Ok so political discussion/fighting isn't allowed. Cool. I understand why. But how about a clever jab? No?

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I dont know how anyone could not like those two. They're both good natured as hell and talented as hell. I will be rooting for both of them.

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I can agree with all of that. I'm just saying starts arent his strong point even if they are better than in the past. I'm not digging at Tomac or saying he won't win. Just saying I dont like his odds as well in triple crown events as I do in regular ... more »

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Downvoting is just fun for some people. The more that downvotes bother you, the more downvotes you get. That's just how it works on Vital.

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Yeah well this year Roczen is the best he's been in 3 yrs, Webb is the defending champ and on it, Barcia is at his best, AC (fast and good starter) is in the mix, Anderson, Hill, etc etc etc etc. We've had a triple crown already and Roczen went 1-1-1. ... more »

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Tomac's starts aren't consistent, so I think triple crowns are better for Roczen, Webb, and AC. Tomac can win it but I think the odds of him winning a triple crown are a little less than it would be in a normal event. Just my opinion. I do think Tomac ... more »

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I thought they were crazy for hiring Justin Hill after what we've seen from that guy, but it's showing to be a damn good idea. There's obviously a method behind the madness. He's getting good results and consistency out of Mookie and Hill both. There ... more »

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What is Prado's status? A healthy Prado is the only possible threat to Herlings I think. That is yet to be seen. My prediction is that Herlings will either be smoking everybody's ass, or he'll be on the couch with an injury. I dont know which scenario ... more »

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These guys are on stiff supercross suspension and they arent running sand tires. Transitioning every lap from hard pack rythm sections and whoops to soft sand and then back to hard pack sx stuff. Top ama guys do it better by far than anybody. Herlings ... more »

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It showed Barcia as being in 18th off the start. It showed him in 10th in nothing flat. I guess he passed riders in clusters on the first lap. He was hauling major ass. Then he worked his way past elite riders one by one, and made his way to 4th by passing ... more »

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"Lucky" my ass. That class is stacked as fuck with crazy fast riders. You don't luck into anything. Maybe you could 'be said they were lucky if the other 8 of the top 10 fastest guys had crashed in the first turn, but that didn't happen. Someone like ... more »

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Webb is Dungey, but with more attitude and aggression.