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Have a bad feeling Sexton and AC are going to be really fast dudes that never win a 450 sx title due to not staying up. I hate see them get hurt so much, I wonder if missing races makes them push harder when they are back which leads to more crashing!? ... more »

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Yep, MC did get a later start to racing dirt bikes. He won a BMX championship before making the move. Which is even more impressive. Talent!

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I think the younger generation only think of JS7 as a "game changer" due to the bubba scrub. MC was more than a get a hole shot and be gone specialist, plenty of riders can get a holeshot, and do not win (Alessi anyone?). Many do not realize that MC ... more »

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Since when did Jett Lawrence have those sponsers??? :D

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Honestly, this is nothing new. What is new is the instant availability to multiple information outlets where in the past you got your news from newspapers and the evening news on one of 4 stations. From the Second president on, there have been divisions ... more »

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Looking at the map, with the large sand section and straights, it is good Herlings is not racing there tomorrow, he would dominate and lap up to 5th place no question.

Started new thread Herlings would dominate SX now with the Sand Sections being added 2/29/2020 9:49 AM

We have seen some sand sections put in the tracks recently, now if Jeffery Herlings would to come over, you know he would dominate, we all how the sand is causing trouble for all the established riders. We are lucky he does not ride SX, as it would be ... more »

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What are the prices for their bikes? Same as Husky or KTM or lower?

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Heck, 75% Herlings will beat 100% US riders in MX. 100% Herlings will not even look at a SX track....

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Are you still around by chance?

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I am wondering about the punishments though for coming up hot. Does the FIM hand out the punishments or the Agency? As long as the punishment aspect is not FIM, this is great news.

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After watching Brayton's go-pro video and seeing the pics, that track really looks more like an AX track than a SX track. Maybe I am just losing my mind...

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Tomac rode a little strange in Vegas against Dungey, but never dirty. He tried holding him up hoping to for Dungey in to a mistake with all the speed in the world to catch him. He could have cleaned his clock several times and never did. The only time ... more »

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Come on man, be serious. First he has to put gas in the tank.

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First off, thanks for the link, I was just curious as to how bad it was after hearing about it on the Pulpmx pod cast, your video shows it was just as much of a shit show for those kids as it sounded. Second, you have some great moto pics, very cool. ... more »

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I seemed to have missed it on the NBC Gold stream, I heard it was a bit of a cluster but cannot find any video online. Does anyone have any vid of it, or know of one?

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Using any other terms in their statement would point to a big direct apology which points to admitting fault. This was lawyer-ed pretty damn well. They have used lime for over a decade, so that part is true, never has this happened though, so that is ... more »

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Right now, Herlings IS the man to beat outdoors. Sucks he is hurt, that does not change the fact that in the past year he has shown his progression and is at the top of the heap in outdoors. His own statement is something I do not have a problem with ... more »

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I do not think you all realize the cost of the infrastructure that is needed for that site to run. After the first round, upgrades were needed, and I understand they brought in another tech to help Marx with immediate issues. They have to be running ... more »