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Obviously he's bitter about losing his ride. Tough spot for Kawi, Grant was really good in that number 2 spot. When he is healthy he is good indoors and out. On the other hand Savatgy is ready to move up and graduate from PC to main team and he will ... more »

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I clicked on this expecting to hear about how guys power wash off their gear or use Oxy clean and detergents... getting the stain of Georgia red clay out of their gear etc. but this is just too funny!

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The guy really needed a fresh start and hit the reset button. He rode well.

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Haha! Hi, I'm actor Troy McClure, you kids might remember me from such educational films as Lead Paint: Delicious but Deadly and Here Comes the Metric System!.

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Practicing a steel starting gate?

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I run it in both my yz125 and 250, works fine. I don’t need to change it near as often as a four stroke either.

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What do you mean?

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I saw a lady with flip flops and she ditched them to go bare foot for the whole day, that would be uncomfortable! I had rubber boots on and could go anywhere I wanted and my feet stayed dry. It’s too bad it rained so much but can’t blame the event for ... more »

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I was at the race, first mxdn for me. The event was a great celebration of the sport that brought riders and fans from all over the world. It made me feel like the sport is healthy and well.

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Great story from a sad loss of life but very nice of Kevin to grant that wish. Windham is a really good dude, period.

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Thanks for spelling “moron” right 👍 I’m Canadian but all the Americans I ran across also loved the racing and respected the mxgp racers.

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I'm a super fan of the US riders and team but I have to say that no matter what the conditions were yesterday for the race, just about the same results would have happened. This guy is as delusional as the guy who said the race should have been held ... more »

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He had a few moments when he was on the gas for sure. He looked way better Sunday than Saturday, probably more comfortable. You could barely hear his bike over the four strokes!

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I think most of the drivers being mx’rs would carry momentum, rail some ruts and choose good lines to all get out with their vehicles. As for the garbage and ruts left behind everywhere including the fairgrounds parking area, that will take some work! ... more »

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The thing that stood out to me was how awesome Coldenhoff rode and how he could be on a privateer team next year. Caroili’s qualifying race stood out, as did Prado, Lawrence and Watson. It also stood out that Tomac was no match for Searle on parts of ... more »

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The whole park at the fairgrounds and get a shuttle to and from actually worked out pretty good for my group. We didn’t miss anything. I’m sure some had a bad experience but it was a smart contingency plan since the parking lots got jacked up.

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The GP riders were awesome and I was expecting that. Track turned out pretty good all considering. I think the results would have been identical even with a dry track. Great event, loved the vibe and the hardcore fans from all the countries. This wasn’t ... more »

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He was amazing, super smooth and great technique everywhere. Only guy to jump the leap every lap in moto 2 from what I saw.

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Really surprised to hear this news. I thought he was only beginning to make his mark in the 450 class. He has the potential to be the best in Canada if he stays injury free. Hope he’s happy and healthy, there’s more to life than mx.