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Thank you Bel-Ray

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Not sure I'm following this one. Obviously Brooks has had a team manager role in the past but one thing is for sure, he is a fierce competitor not unlike Tony Alessi.

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Great episode!! I'm on my 2nd listen, great stuff. I'm not going to complain for the hours of free content whiskey throttles show provides. I'm glad David is going through just about each year of the teams history. So much there!

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Another story with an example of Honda on the business side of the sport. Mitch wins big for them 2 straight years as a new team and Honda pulls the plug. Their loss, Kawasaki's gain.

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Webster's dictionary definition of the word "RACER" = Mike Alessi

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Right on! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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This is a great dilemma to have. Great that you want to get back into riding mx. Can you try each bike from someone you know? The new 450's are way better than the 2004 you had so you can't go wrong with one. A 350 sounds fantastic too, I've never tried ... more ยป

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Denny is one of the good guys! Hope he calls in and is ok ๐Ÿ‘ ๐Ÿ‘

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He's a bit of an enigma. Great talent!

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From your title I thought there WERE 21 teams in the series...

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Yes very underrated but he also had a low key personality. Great racer!

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I know you true Texans know all the great bbq places but damn I love Rudy's!! Salt Lick too... Ride moto there then bbq then some beers for the trifecta

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That sucks! Wish things would have worked out better for them. They were a great team.

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I think Justin will be up in the mix even more than ever. Seems like a good fit for him after he built himself back up on team Yamaha

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Dowdy is as tough as they come, heal up, stay well!

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Anybody check out this innovative throwback fantasy SX league? Kinda cool, features the race series from 1990-1992 right now, a great era with many rookies making an impact and lots of strong vets. They pick results from a race such as SanDiego 1990 ... more ยป

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Lots of comparisons of the 2010 YZ450 versus the modern version. Would be a great test shootout. The new bike isn't even in the same negative conversation imo. The 2010 did seem bad.

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Everybody load up and move to SC! Nice list man.

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This won't happen but Forkner and Smith need some great past racer like Nick Wey to help guide them, focus and help with the mental game like he has for AC. I think Reynard has helped Forkner in some training capacity but at the top level, the mental ... more ยป

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Thought you meant for the race win Saturday and picked AC, but Zacho will be for the title.