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I'm 58 and just raced the amateur day at Fox Raceway yesterday on a YZ125. It was awesome! I wasn't the fastest out there, but someone watching the race pointed at me, and said to my friend that that guy is having the most fun today out of anyone here. ... more »

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If I didn't win fair and square, the trophy means nothing.

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I think it's best that a rider doesn't ride a broken bike at 1 mph on the track to get back to the mechanics area. But, if a rider does leave the track, he should re-enter in the same spot, period. And, I believe there already is a speed limit when off ... more »

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I believe it was a racing incident, but, Marvin did not have a line. That was the inner most line and AC was there first.

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My condolences. His family and friends will be in my prayers.

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Simple Green 20% mix. Spray it on everywhere. Fire up your pressure washer. Bike cleans up nicely.

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It's a free country! If he wants to come back, I'm all for it. #livethedream

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Have fun and don't set expectations. Just play, and let it come to you. It'll feel like something you used to do in a past life (not that I believe in reincarnation). Then you'll start to feel it. Then you won't, then you will. Welcome back!

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Wow, that's a long time. I hope you're doing well now.

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Rad! Congrats Deano!

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That was awesome! Respect!

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Lappers are a part of racing and one of the obstacles. It keeps things interesting. I wouldn't change a thing.

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I know that's been said, but Barcia himself said leaving yamaha was happening "at least for now", so I would assume the ink wasn't dry on GasGas.

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Barcia's been riding like this all season. In LL1 moto 2, he crashed in turn 1, and by the end of lap 3 was in 8th place. Another moto he beat everyone by a minute. That second moto yesterday was absolutely epic!!! They put 25 seconds on third place ... more »

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Barcia said today that he's not on Yamaha next year, at least for now. I would imagine Yamaha wants to bring in Dylan Ferrandis next year, and they still have a year contract with Plessinger. So Barcia is out, sort of. I don't know if anyone noticed, ... more »

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I hope Barcia wins the title.

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I am a Christian, and thought it was really cool that they got the nickname "The Ten Commandments". It made me chuckle, and I figure God laughs about it too. He is, by the way, a huge motocross fan

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Barcia passed a LOT of riders in both motos, especially moto 2. He went from 14th to 3rd in the first moto. In the second moto he went from a first turn crash to 8th in 3 laps. I'm expecting a great season from him this year. He should stay where he's ... more »

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Ordered 3, and glad to help!

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The SIDI soles pretty much last forever. I have a set of AXO boots I bought in 1993 that are falling apart, but the SIDI replacement soles I put on them in 2000 are nowhere even close to worn out. And yes, I'm finally getting new boots

. I ... more »