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That's really messed up. I hope your dad changed his ways and that you're alright.

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The number of confirmed cases may continue to rise because there are more tests available, and therefore more chances of finding infections. More testing is of course a good thing, but it skews the numbers because if you test twice as many people this ... more »

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Caption: Hey, my engine blew up, but I need to ride tomorrow. What about that engine over there? Hmm... What if...?

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Sounds like a great guy. My condolences to the family. RIP

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First. Seriously.

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I saw that you're using the money to get your step daughter a bike. In my opinion, that's going to be far more satisfying in the years to come. The memories will be invaluable for both of you, and your wife. When you find another CR500, my thoughts are ... more »

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YZ125 and a YZ250F. I have the YZ125. It would be fun to try a 250F

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I agree! This is my post from 2016. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have the Sun Joe SPX 3000. I'm very, very happy with it. Home Depot: ... more »

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I use mine every lap of every ride. No matter how fast I think I am, the GoPro tells me the truth. It doesn't take long to review my day's riding (I skip around a bit), and take note of what I'm doing well, and what I can do better. I film at 1080P 30fps ... more »

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It's a tough decision with many things to consider. I can only my perspective on a few. We all need to take care of our women, and do our part for them. That's a balancing act. I agree with mattmatt300. We all make our own choices, but since your decision ... more »

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I think communication within the helmet could cause crashes. There is simply too much concentration required. Imagine how a rider could be startled by a message while about to launch over a triple, or in a whoop section. I vote no.

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Saying a prayer for Katie. I hope all goes well. I don't know what the surgery is for, but my friend's life was saved by SRS surgery, and Keytruda. I wish her the best.

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It's easy to overcome a great exercise program with a poor diet.

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I'm 5'7" and this one fits well. It's very comfortable, and doesn't restrict movement. The back is longer than the front.

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I'm not in favor of a triple crown at Daytona. It would be awesome though to have an East/West showdown with long, 15 and 20 lap mains. For all other tracks, I like the time based racing, as no matter how short the track, the races are always at least ... more »

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Fill in rider?

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I have a Garmin Vivoactive HR and have been happy with it, but don't have anything to compare the HR accuracy to. It includes GPS, so it's great for running and cycling without requiring a phone, but I've noticed that when cycling the HR varies between ... more »

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57 and racing a YZ125. Tons of fun, and won't allow you to get lazy.

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In a race, never give away anything. If someone wants to pass you, they have to earn it. I'm not talking about weaving back and forth across the track or being an obstacle. I'm talking about racing hard, and not "accepting" any passes or pecking order. ... more »

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I better check mine