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What a ride.. never rode the 24 hr must be grueling

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What year bike did the CDI & coil come off of?

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Try this number they open at 8 am here in California (805) 426-3300

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Zach Elmes (WFO_ZSE743) won his second straight world championship this week and collect $10,000. His dad owns Cal City MX. Pretty cool I don't know many World Champions.

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This is my sons Supermini 112 built by Tony Mercier with help from the guys over at Bills Pipes. That's my boy at 13 he was already 120 lbs most kids in his class were under 100 lbs. This bike changed his racing he finally had enough power to keep up

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FOG25 First holeshot for an Alta at Mammoth Steve Rossin on board

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I rode the 50+ novice hwt on Saturday thank God I don't have any video it would look like slow motion compared to your helmet cam. Props for helping the downed rider. I loved the course don't reach those speeds on a motocross track mixing it up this ... more »

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Yamalube is $9.75 a quart plus .20 back in RM bucks at Rocky mountain ......Just saying

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My experience is a 450 4 stroke is easier to ride fast longer than a 250 two stroke. Haven't raced a 250f or 350 so couldn't give an opinion. I love riding the 2 stroke every now and then just for the fun factor and to change things up I think it helps ... more »

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My buddy hit the first two rounds and had a blast he's got me talked into it for next weekend. I'm heading out Sunday to the SRA GP to get some practice in for next week it's been a while since I've ridden a GP not sure how long I can push the pace.

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I've been sitting in the top row at Anaheim for 20 plus years now best seat in the house IMO

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I've been in Gaernes since 1999 soles seem to hold up a lot longer than my friends boots. The SG10 aren't as stiff as the SG12's and hold up just as good. They may cost more up front but they seem to last longer than most other brands. I keep a pair ... more »

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This .... When your competition consider you the best ever you must be.

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I'd expect to get everything that's in box #4 I entered the part number in google and found this which lists the handguard as part of the assembly. I had a little trouble when trying to get a price match it took talking to a manager to get it handled ... more »

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Like the elevation change track looks incredible. How do you water?

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My buddy Dino built a nice track with his John deer in Palmdale CA. Sandy base so it's really easy to push around the dirt. Heres a picture of my friend Mike shaping the turns with his AF500. Looks like you have a nice start there keep us posted with

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I worked that s**t out before we got married. If she's against it good luck surviving the battle let the kids work on her.

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Conditions were pretty sloppy by the end of the 450's bringing down the lap times. I'm not surprised AC runs similar lap times as the 450's he's one of the only 250 riders to do the same sequence in the rhythm sections

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You're getting old .... text me we'll be down there around 1:30 hit the pits, catch second practice, then dinner.