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my son is still after bubba autograph. twice we have stood for hours and twice we were let down. i told him forget it but i will probably try again for him. as far as potto last year it seamed like you had to have a special monster pass to get into the ... more »

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congrats guys. guess people still wont believe my story. maybe i can hook up with the guys from finding bigfoot.

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i think that was a fouled plug....... so dirt shark mud dolphin whats the whales name? and i wonder if this whale has anything to do with there not being a dirt shark video from dallas????????

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bump i went last year and only took my sons 65. I snuck it into the hotel room (3rd floor). rite before the main i pulled up racer x on my phone and saw some bike were stolen from the hotel i was staying at so i was nervous as hell the rest of the night. ... more »

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would love to go but will have my son with me. Hes only 10 so even if i got him a McLovin ID i dont think it would work.

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Im in! anybody have extra pit passes from subway?????? i live in Charlotte and they dont pass them out up here. last year i had to buy some from a punk on the street and i really hate to support their habits...........

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must not be making enough money in NASCAR

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back in the day i was walking down the street when a bright beam of light came down right on me. I tried to outrun it but there was no way to beat it. I decided enough running, what ever this was would have to take me down fighting. I looked up and saw a UFO straight outta a 70's sci fi show. I screamed up at it and dared it to take me. I warned them that I rode dirt bikes and that i would like to take their ufo for a few laps around the track. They beamed me up and and i couldnt believe what I saw. Sure they were green had huge onion shaped heads and buggy eyes, but they were all decked out in JT gear. Gear that was really the best stuff i have ever seen. Some how i could understand what they were saying even though their language was nothing more than a bunch of braaaap bbrappppp burrrrrrrrrr braaaaaaaaaaaap. I looked one straight in the eyes raised my right hand high above my head and twisted the air throttle and let out the biggest BBBBRRRRRRRAAAAPPPPPPPPPPP you have ever heard. Then they showed me pictures of all the famous tracks handed me a map and wanted me show them where they were. We spent the rest of the night flying from track to track turning hot lap after hot lap at all the biggest tracks. just as I though things were going good i spotted a locker full of the sickest JT gear i have ever seen. I reached in to grab some for my self and thats when things went bad. They said no one touches their JT gear. With one final brapppp the floor of the ufo opened up and they shot me back down to earth. Ive tried to tell my story to others but none of them can ever understand just how bad ass the JT gear was. I need some of this JT swag so that I can show it as proof of my once long ago close encounter of the 2 stroke kind.

size is XL but i have a little rider (no i wasnt probed so dont ask) that can fit adult small - medium.

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