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It could be worse. It could be electric bikes in a stadium with no spectators.

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PR says both Ralph and Leigh. Guess they mean Leigh for 3 and Ralph for the rest? Ralph Sheheen and Leigh Diffey will handle play-by-play duties for this season’s Supercross coverage. They’ll be joined by five-time Supercross champion and seven-time ... more »

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Sorry guys. It was my fault.

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I like the A10 too with the upper arm guards removed.

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I have plans on Saturday and won't be able to watch live Will the RBSR be archived for viewing on Sunday on the Red Bull channel? I never really cared before because I have been able to stream/watch it live since its inception. Or will I have to wait ... more »

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Stumbled across this YouTub channel a while back a lot of detailed tool comparisons with Harbor Freight.

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No. The ever present TV crew were focused on Stewart repeatably kick starting his bike after going down in the first turn while MC threw out a nac nac over the triple in front of Foncseca.

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I second the CCR Bed Buddy. I've had mine in my '03 Tacoma since day 1 and the bed is still straight as an arrow and it's easy to load up two bikes. On an F350 you'd have plenty of room for three bikes.

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There have been no punishments in MX. It has all been SX, but MX has to honor the WADA decisions due to USADA being under their umbrella.

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Live stream:

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Insecurities. Remember when Goose was mic'd up for the Great Outdoors and the convo he and RC had on the way back to the pits after a qualifying session at Southwick? I can't remember verbatum, but he was fastest and kept asking Goose to validate it. ... more »

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I included to do something with the commercial breaks. Have the camera pointed at a different team pit each week or Daniel/Will doing some interviews.

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Keefer Tested podcast. Episode #8 - How to adjust your suspension clickers

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I am a frequent listener of Pulp and usually understand the running jokes from show to show, but I must have missed this one. What is the origin story?

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Since Tomac disclosed he was injured before the swason started, and I'm not sure if the show is the right spot to ask him (maybe during one of Matthes' Kawi coffee runs on a Saturday), but I'd like to have this question answered (This is not a gotcha ... more »

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Obviously you did not catch it either. The Pulp Guest was not from NBC Gold, he is a motorsports journalist giving his educated guess on what NBC Sports paid for the rights to televise the event. And provide a link/screen shot/page number in the rule ... more »

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Actually, they are sprung-under

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I have this one in my garage too. I got it from my optometrist of all people. And he didn't even moto!

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Here is the thing about the NBC Sports Gold app and no commercials, it is great for the outdoors when they go to commercials during the race. SX has been commercial free racing for years. I don't care if there are commercials as long as it doesn't interrupt ... more »

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I like the Alpinestars knee guards. Better than knee cups but not as bulky as knee braces. I tried them out last year and been wearing them since.