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Same, and Same. If I wasn't 200lb and rode in sand washes a lot, I'd probably go back down to a 250, but the 350 is the Bees Knees.

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OP definitely never buys a round of beers.... If you are on a budget, a clean 1-2 year old used bike will save thousands...

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I have one and love it, I can soften the air fork for tight, technical terrain, but it still works great on the MX track.

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I sell "non essential" stuff on Amazon and they delayed it a month! Better look on each companies website, Rocky Mountain, or a local dealer to parts for the next 3-4 weeks.

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I've been using them quite a bit for the past 2 years, trying to grow a YouTube channel for my business, and own a GoPro 5 Session (w a Gimbal), a 6, and a 7. I'll be buying an 8, the biggest problem with the 8 is the window in front of the lens (I've ... more »

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Awesome thread. I'm having an absolute blast teaching my 4 year old son to ride, we can go from the house, and I just follow him on trails. I keep trying to remind myself that these are the "golden era" days.... He absolutely loves it and asks to ride

... more »
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Craig wasn't French... It would be one thing if Ferrandis had a reputation for being dirty.

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100% accurate

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First time KTM has lost in long time as well, congrats to Ricky and Honda!

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In related news, the sky is blue and water is wet!

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Bought some hats, thanks! Who didn't love XXX back in the day?

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Having worked in the industry for 14 years (2005-2019), you really want a job with Tucker or Western Powersports. I worked for Fox (was great, the "golden era" and then Polaris. Working for OEM's is a lot less fun, and you have very little control over ... more »

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Hahaha well played...

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Well said!

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I moved from SoCal 3 years ago, I was 30 minutes from Pala and 1 hour from Cahuilla in North County SD. Now I'm in Peoria, 10 minutes from Canyon. I was told the scene was great here 2002-2008, but currently its a big bummer, especially with Canyon being ... more »

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Signed and email sent. I too was able to visit over the years and ride, it would be sad to see this place go for OHV use. I believe it's the only place in California you can legally ride on the beach. Lots of great posts on this thread, informative.

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It's not even a discussion.... hands down

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That's a pretty cool idea- classic MX bike styling as MTB themes for us uber bike dorks.... hmm 1993 KX250....

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Really enjoyed the interview, I think it finally gives us fans some insight to him leaving. I was lucky enough to work at Fox and be at a lot of races in 2005-2013, I appreciate being a fan at that time and witnessing all the battles James and Ricky ... more »

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Lots of great points, and a lot of truth: 1. Cost of living is more difficult than it used to be 2. Sport is more expensive 3. Not much value racing moto (compared to practice riding or offroad) The point that hits home is the "risk adverse", which I ... more »