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Any runtime length observations with a fast kid riding on the fastest setting? Thanks.

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I always had diesel trucks (I’ve had 6 of them). My current truck is a 2018 f250 with the 6.2. I hate it so much. The first time I towed with it (my ranger on a car trailer, maybe 4K #) I knew I made a huge mistake. Coming from a diesel you will probably ... more »

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I bought my boy one for his birthday in December. It uses 3 12v batteries. The new one that is not out yet has a 36v lithium battery. The biggest difference will be weight, as the current one is a little nose heavy going off jumps. The new one should ... more »

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I was just thinking of putting my boys 50 mini up for sale. He's on the tc50 now. Its a 2014 with about 10hours on it. Like new. I believe mechanically its the same as the new ones, just the plastics are different. I don't know what shipping would be ... more »

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What kind of real run times are you getting, how fast is your kid, and at what setting? I read runtimes from 25min to 1hour and trying to figure out if one of these will work for us.

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When I was in middle school we used to ride at a place that was a golf course that never got finished. They built the roads, lakes, and terrain for the course but I guess ran out of funding. It sat locked up like this for a couple years.

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I bought my kid the beta for Christmas. He races a tc50, but wanted something he could play with in the yard. I just couldn’t justify spending $5k on a bike to play in the yard with, and a race 50 is to fast for the little yard track I have. The beta ... more »

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Can you swap batteries quickly? Have you priced additional batteries?

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In March I bought a new single cab short bed f150 for a work truck. It’s an xl, but it has all the power options, tow hitch, sinc, etc and the package with painted bumpers so it looks pretty good. It stickerd at 32k and I got it for 23k our the door. ... more »

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EB5 visa gets you a green card for a $500k investment. That’s where the money came from. They probably spent millions moving dirt there. Was an awesome place, but no way was it ever going to have any longevity. With 74 family fun park and lazy springs ... more »

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I'm looking for a Aprilia MXV 450 if anybody knows of one for sale. Thanks!

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Nice truck. I was looking for a white lariat sport but couldn't find one around here. Ended up with the standard one (but I hate the chrome). How did you get the big 48 gallon tank with the short bed? I was told only way to get it was a long bed, and ... more »

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I believe that's ferrys house. Bubbas doesn't look like that. James is on a lake that they could access to if they really wanted to and show up to his back door, but I don't think they are really trying to "find stew".

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Don't you think it would make sense for Chad to ride sx for jgr with filthy as a fill in for sx, then Phil takes Chads bike outdoors full time.

Added reply in a thread Hey Sumdood, pool question. 6/15/2018 3:59 AM Gives you a sample of 3 different ... more »

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My boy got one at 2 and a half. Now my almost 3 year old girl rides it. In over 4 years all I did was change the chain (which broke) and added new batteries, and my boy rode it nearly every day in the yard for 3+ years. Plus, not many toys like this ... more »

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It's been preempted on direct tv in Miami for some a hole trying to get you to sell real estate.

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I've had my Titan xd for almost a year and I've put about 20k miles on it. I've not had a single issue with it. I really don't care about mpg, but it's very comparable to all of the 3/4 diesels. My most recent diesel truck was a lml duramax. Stock this ... more »

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I'm down in south Miami. It's a real S show around here now. My mom lives over in Marco island (on the west coast). Seems like nobody knows where it's going yet, but I got the airboat, tractor, ranger, and swamp buggy all ready. Hopefully they don't ... more »

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I'm in south Florida. Im 33 and I would consider it the best time I can remember. I used to have to drive 3+ hours to moto. Now there are 5-6 tracks within that distance(Miami mx, Ftt, Florida cycle park, sunshine, mesa)