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As a Zook fan, it's sad that they haven't updated much, but it's even more sad that a lot of people will trash them in this sport. Suzuki gives back way more than the orange brand. Watch the race tonight, and you will see the Zook logo all over the place. ... more »

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How can anyone not root for this kid!! What a class act.

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It's nice to see Suzuki buying commercial time, and supporting the sport still. Watch the race, you see Suzuki on the tough blocks, the spider cam, and on the leaderboards. Even on the podium, Suzuki is behind the riders. All the manufactures are, except ... more »

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Bummer. Was really looking forward to how he stacked up this year.

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So, is Harnraft on HEP now? And seriously, how does the 722 still have a ride?

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Just how big is that black cloud??

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Same as Anstie last week. 40th to 13th.

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The majority of his time was spent dragging it out of the mud pit. I didn't see many bikes fire up immediately after laying then down .

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Orange bikes blowed up. Green bikes blowed up. White bikes blowed up. Did any yellow bikes blow up?

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I thought Max was missing the first couple of races?

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One thing you have to give credit to Suzuki is their support of the sport. I see a lot more Suzuki branding than KTM during race. Tough blocks, Spider Cam etc. In fact, if you watch the podium all the manufacturers except KTM and Husky are present on ... more »

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Once that hand gets 100%, I think he will factor in a few races.

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So, no info then? Crash, bike problem?

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Anybody know what happened? I know the alligator and badminton stories were amazing, but did they say how he went from 7th to OUT?

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It was stated earlier that Suzuki's bike sales make 7.4% of their revenue. Would any business owner but money into R&D into something that makes 7% of their money? What's the point, to get it to 8%, what's the return on investment. And how much of ... more »

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Sure looks that way, judging by the SR75 Instagram page...hopefully he can help them get back on track.

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Yes, yes and yes. Would love to see these guys over here. They run yellow, and run them well

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That JGR hauler needs to get out from under that black cloud.

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Why, it's not yellow....

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Thomas Do.