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Houstonians are spoiled with 3 Palms... video is 10 years old, but the track is the same, and AWESOME!

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loved the tomac interview, dads can be a riders best friend or worse enemy, and John is someone I admire as a father.

Started new thread just sold my 2022 CRF450.... (INFLATION TALK) 3/9/2022 6:13 PM

Hey guys, Wanted to share my experience from start to finish owning a 2022 CRF450R. I bought my first 450 since 2016, I went Honda because I haven't gotten along with the KTM chassis over the past few years, and no matter what, a honda 450 is always ... more »

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Monster Cup is going to damper 66.66666666666% of your current team members IMO.

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Id love to see him, after he wraps up the title, race his 250 in the 450 class; like the privateers sometimes do.

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MY wife def knows whe nim riding well and not, and she rides, but at 85 beginner pace. She does great at filming where I look slow, but doesnt give advice, generally bc i know how to fix my mistakes. I love that she does this for me, and I had to ask ... more »

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Occasionally, it happens... When it does, we count our blessings and just soak it in. Very proud of the Houston community when dealers are taking these holidays off to spend their own time with their families at the track. Here's some fun footage with ... more »

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Going to be a great event! Can't wait! Doing a few Vet classes, gonna be great!

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All backorders from May forward will be filled by March.

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Just do what most clowns in Texas do, sign up for A, get smoked first moto, don't race the 2nd. Then start to charge local riding lessons as a "Local Pro."

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So sick!

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We can work with speed

Started new thread Time to take Eagle Grit as serious as they are... 10/19/2021 7:08 PM

Daniel and the crew just went balls deep at WPS with inventory. Super stoked these guys are dropping legit products, MADE IN THE USA (so no shipping delays) and a brand that supports a fellow Moto Nerd. On top of that, the product is really amazing, ... more »

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My wife loves her trusty 17, it always starts 1st

... more »
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We should've just sent kitchens, Romano, and lil Ferry, send some amateurs and see how they do!

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Anyone in Texas area, we gotta Beta demo going down at the same place the factory guys were riding during H1-H3. Pretty good little course setup!

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Guys, It's too early in the off-season for this shit; can y'all just chill down?

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I just remember how bad it was that year at Monster Cup, with the split gates? That was pretty bad, seems to be pretty rare these days...

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I am fortunate enough to have friends that accept me for who I am, which is a terrible Mechanic. I do the basic stuff but very fortunate to have a former race team guy that just doesn't want me to get hurt. He framed mine first, then we did suspension, ... more »

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This thing is never going to end, the government is enjoying us being divided and not thinking for ourselves way too much. Don't care who you voted for, this shit ain't going away.