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25-30 hours maximizes resale value. Depending on your competing market...

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Via his recent vlog, noticed he was training on a 450. He looked spicy on it, I would imagine it's cheaper to maintain for his team, but I like how he looked on it. Wouldn't be surprised at all if he whipped out a 450 and pulled some top 10's...What ... more »

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Y'all are awesome! I was thinking the lock on grips were the reason, mako mounts are next... Thank y'all!

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As my age increases, I've noticed after long rides (mostly off-road) my hands have almost feel like they're asleep. Very odd tingly feeling that I'm assuming is just from the vibration. Just threw on the PDHS bar mount, hoping that helps, what have y'all ... more »

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Dungey is awesome. He, RC and RV were awesome to chill with at Red Bud MXON. Guys we're letting loose and just being normal dudes, they would be a badass co-host trio.

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She was running fat, but always have fun with no Ego on my little 02 125.

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In flat track, if you cause the red in the first turn, and can get up, you start on back row...

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I put a GET ecu on mine, it really changed the entire bike, Vortex would as well. Went to a 49 and it would carry 3rd much better, and "recover" way quicker. Beware, you'll need to keep your battery on a charger as they do wear the battery quicker.

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I acquired an 04 Crf100, looking for a full replacement engine, and some other stuff. Anyone have a solid source for them? Thanks!

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I’m actually just excited America ain’t the only ones dealing with a Government that are using “Enviromental concerns” as a way to shift more money into there own ideology that’s hidden behind their public agendas.

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Carbon utilizes a 12k carbon shell, the CC stands for Carbon composite, where Carbon fiber, fiberglass and Kevlar are used to build the shell. About 50 grams heavier than the carbon, but still .75 lbs lighter than a Shoei. I’m a rep here in Houston and ... more »

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We got a group riding the National Forest the day after SX, east side trail head

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I got a ‘19 in Jan for $6400 and sold it for 6500 with 20 hours on it 😂

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They have updated swingarms, but it would be ‘06 actually, when they received the latest SSS technology, which is still class leading btw.

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Prolly won’t be for long...

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I appreciate you posting that in a manner that suspension illiterate folks can follow. Thanks for posting!

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Vann Martin raced my KYB conversion this weekend at freestone and thought it handled way better than his cone valve set up.

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I appreciate the hell outta the works these guys put in for shootouts, but I’ve had “terrible” bikes over the past 10-15 years I always manage to just setup pretty good for me. Some are of course better than others, but the input the shootouts offer ... more »

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X2 Texas loves us some James Marshall.

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The Shoei fits a little big, but you can get thinner or thicker pads and liner relatively easy. Most shops that stock EVO helmets stock the pads