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I use those on my 18 YZ450F in the shrouds and would recommend them, they do work well.

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Went to watch moto today via the DVR, got everything but moto. Got indy car, got golf, got a moto race from last year (understand the weather delay on that one). Did get to watch some of the 250 motos but once again missed the 450's.. 3rd race week in ... more »

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I've used these in my 15 YZ250F and now in my 18 YZ450F. I don't use any filter oil on the pre-filters, I just stick them in the air scoops. Haven't noticed any negative side effects from using them in either bike. ... more »

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Get a new Yamaha and then download the app to your smartphone and mellow it out yourself to the way you like it. That is what I did with my 18 YZ450F. Then if you want to later on, you can load in a different map and make it not so mellow.

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On my 18 YZ450F I replaced the stock bar mounts with a set of extra stock OEM bar mounts that I had for my 15 YZ250F. When i compared them to older YZ450F bar mounts they were same part numbers. The older mounts are shorter than the 18 YZ450F mounts. ... more »

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Your phones OS may alert you to the fact that the WiFi connection that your phone just connected to does not have internet and that is fine. You’re not going to have Internet from the WiFi box on your Yamaha. As long as your phone was able to connect ... more »

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I agree, I just started using Zwift recently and it is much better than any indoor exercise bike I have previously had or have used at a gym. I just put my stock wheel set back on my road bike and mounted a red trainer tire on the stock rear wheel, and ... more »

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I have the 18 YZ450F and have used the iPhone App to mellow it out. I tried their mellow map and then made some adjustments to it so it didn't mellow it out as much in the higher RPM's. That got rid of the initial hard hit that I did not like in the ... more »

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If you don't already have one, I have one I could sell you. I bought it new for my 15 YZ250F, I now have a 18 YZ450F which I just use the app on my iPhone for, so I no longer need the GYTR Tuner. Yes, it is worth it, I would use different maps based ... more »

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WD-40 , they slip right on, then let them sit overnight and put on the safety wire the next day. They hold just fine.

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I put it on my mine and like it. Makes it a little better in rutted corners and rutted jump faces. I'm 5'8" and the bike feels better height wise as well with the link on.

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I've been running this one and it really mellows it out on initial hit. The only time I do not run this map is at a deep sand or deep loam track, but on firmer ground this is what I run right now. I took their stock mellow map and made some ... more »
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That’s all I use, have not used chain lube in over 10 years

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Yes, I am running the Twin Air Filter as well. Also, left one item out of my original post, but your post reminded me of it. I put on the Tusk Blue rear axle blocks with the white tick marks. I am 55 and trying to read the tick marks on the stock axle ... more »

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Try 105 with the stock link, I run a little more sag with a lower link, which I just put on the bike.

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I have done the following changes to mine so far; Changed the bars to a set of Renthal Fat RC bend, new grips and throttle tube, and replaced the lower bar mounts with last years OEM which are 5mm lower. Raised the forks in the triple clamps 5mm, put ... more »

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I bought an 18 YZ450F two weeks ago and really like it. Last 3 bikes were 09 YZ250F, 12 YZ250F and 15 YZ250F. I feel more comfortable taking a tight corner rutted or not on this bike than my any of my YZ250F’s. It also doesn’t drift wide going into flat ... more »

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I have been using the EVS knee braces for about 4 years now, I like them and have no problems with them. Having said that I have never worn any other knee braces before, just the old school knee guards, so I have nothing to compare them against. My first ... more »

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It's only 10 miles from my house so I am going to make the trip. Plan on racing there on Friday, then I'll go back there on Sunday to watch the Pro race