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It's really cool to have guys that race supercross under the privateer status. Like every one of us; who put in the time and effort. I never asked for a handout in my career, I earned it. That was the respect I wanted for myself. Racing is racing- whether it's against a factory team. The goal was always to beat the factory yah-ho's as a privateer. I hope the same still holds today. Donations are cool, but. We get deals on gear & it's the drive that keeps us going. (Y) It's called the true racer.

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I didn't hear anything wrong in the interview. A Donkey is a donkey. Excuse me if I'm not always politically correct. Jett is a great up and coming rider for the sport of Supercross & Motocross.

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In 1993, I paid Pro Circuit to rebuild my forks & shocks. It was $1065.00 dollars. I couldn't ask for a better setup today for that money, or can I? It hasn't changed one bit. Factory Connection just rebuilt a YZ 250 from 2005 for $1265.00. Shipping ... more ยป

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My brother tried to teach Ricky Johnson about God. I think it was just a rough time he was going through. Growing up in El Cajon was a difficult place to live.

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