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So, what if your kid wanted to get a face tattoo because some other kid convinced him it’s a great idea. Then you meet up with him at the tattoo shop and ask him “are you sure you want to do this”, “ this might effect your life forever” and your kid ... more »

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Did the AMA or MX sports not allow the claim or did the kid get cold feet and back out?

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Any of you guys ever look at MIC sales numbers?

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Are you just figuring this out?

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If you want fewer classes and longer motos, the entry fee will have to go up. Track owners are not getting rich and do what they have to do to keep the gates open. If they can do that by running 12 classes instead of 42, why would they care? I'm talking ... more »

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Duane and his crew are great people, hard to find a better dealer than SVC. Donnells in Missouri and Hillview in PA rate up there with them so you picked well. I will keep an eye out for the little ripper and tell him welcome to the bLU cRU.

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Do you think they checked CW before the SLC suoercross for head injury?

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This kind of reaction (guilty before proven innocent) is pretty normal in the world today. He was not a well liked guy by his own doing so when he’s charged with child related abuse crimes, he’s not going to get the benefit of the doubt. Sucks, but that’s ... more »

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In what part of California is Sumter County located?

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And Ronald Regan, the man that created it.

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Bummer, his place was a good time a long time ago.

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Awesome to hear you are doing well. It's probably fun to look back at comments you made when you were much younger and what your future aspirations were. Good stuff. Moto is still out there for you when you're ready to come back, no rush.

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Woodstock and in particular, Eagle Watch. My office was at the 75/285 intersection. Was there from 98-01 so I know that area has changed a bunch.

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All kidding aside, some of you might be stuck in situations where you have to live in dangerous parts of town and that sucks, Sorry. I never said anyone should be ripped off or they deserved it. I’ve also never been called rich before so I had to kinda ... more »

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Why, I like it here.

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Your lack of success is not my problem. Maybe work harder and you can live in a nice area.

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I live in California and leave my car unlocked all the time in my driveway. People on my street leave large items they donate to charity on the curb and sometimes they sit for a week until picked up. Maybe choose where you live a little better next time ... more »

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Agreed but who coming up or just available out there could be a contender? I thought Levi Kitchen was gonna be the next man up so let’s not lose all hope just yet. The Lawrence bros will be tough to beat.

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He said he hated racing motocross his entire life but did it anyway because he felt he owed it to his parents. That’s kind of rough.

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I have the set shown above. It almost has everything you need but is missing T handles and few other items depending on what bikes you own. I like It because I go to the track with a small Army and it’s great to know all tools are back in the box at ... more »