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Just a note that oem coolant for the Austrian bikes is pink. They come with motorex 3.0, which is pink. Based on the age of the bike a coolant flush wouldn't be a bad idea.

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The small arrows have extension lines going back to where the thick arrow is. You measure at the thick arrow for chain adjustment.

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Get the service manual and test the pump. This will also have procedures to test/service everything. On these bikes ive seen a bad stator cause symptoms like a bad pump.

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He is not looking for an OEM replacement bearing. Those are available all over based on the bearing number and bearing sizes. He is looking for a size of bearing that Dubya was using when the 2019 KX came out with a different sized axle. They basically ... more »

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Personally I've used the Maxima and the Yamalube. I liked Yamalube better. The Engine Med that you linked will also work at decarbonizing the valves and piston crown. I have been using the 3.2oz bottles of the Fuel Med, which is just the ethanol treatment. ... more »

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I like the DKLSkateboarding grip tape. It doesn't tear up the gear like regular skateboarding stuff, but is just as grippy.

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I don't have any personal experience with the rm frames, but the Suzuki service rep did. He said it was common mainly because the forks would be installed in the plastic for 19" front wheels on the 17" wheeled model. Part of his dealer inspections was ... more »

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What what Ping??!…. Eli Tomac “starting off slow, doesn’t look great at the opening rounds… until he works his way into being comfortable...” What are you looking at? Maybe in SX but not in Motocross! This is Not the Eli Tomac that we’ve seen over the years. Eli’s career first round overall results are 1-4-5-3...more

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Check the 2019 kx thread in the main forum for lots of info. Definatly get a service manual, it's the best tool in the box! Kawi does show a compression spec, but as stated above leak down is much better. But it revert a leak down tester and follow the ... more »

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They advised that it was normal and they wouldn't do anything about the cylinders. They just said to put the new pistons in. These bikes had 0.0 on the meter, only run time was from the dyno at the factory.

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Ktm calls it pearling, and it was present in the new 300s i did a top-ends in during the piston recall a few years ago.

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I'd like to see this in print, or at least have there be an accompanying transcript. Video is a heavy lift in many situations. Not everyone has the time, privacy, quiet, bandwidth, or device capability for video at all times. I hate seeing something like this and thinking, "I'll have to circle back...more

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Were you measuring where the two arrows are pointing at each other? The Honda's manual looks like it could be easily misinterpreted where to take the measurement. The measurement should be taken where the lone thick arrow is at the end of the slider. ... more »

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My 07 kx250, my 19 kx450, and my wifes yz125x all show the measurement as above. The only modern bikes I've worked on that have shown the delta method have been Honda's and street bikes. Actually glad that Honda switched!

... more »
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Do people actually watch these videos? Go back to print.

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Looking at pics online, the 250 now has the same access for the scavange screen. On the 450s Kawasaki moved out from under the flywheel to right behind the stator cover with 1 bolt holding it on. Owners manual made no mention of it and I found it when

... more »
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The KDS diagnostic tool that the dealers have may be able to pull hours. I cannot remember if there is a re-settable hours counter in the ECU or not that is accessible from the tool.

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I measured right on the small end for a medium, at 22.5" The local shops do not carry 6D, or any high end dirt helmets, so I tried on the street models from Arai and Shoei for a best guess of size. 6D, Shoei, and Arai all show the size ranges as the ... more »

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I like mine. Had an atr1 previously, the atr2 is definatly lighter, vents better, and i can hear more. Just got the 21 havoc, was expecting a glossy helmet, but digging the matte!

... more »
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Coupler does not need to be linked to the bike. What black plug cap did you take off? There are several caps that are the same on the bike.