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I have a 2019 Husqvarna FC 350 and love the bike as it is near perfect. Even got the forks working better than average. That said, for fun rides at a track, and some racing, I choose a 2011 YZ125. First off, the engine is super easy to use. Broad powerband ... more »

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And there you go, throwing in words that do not exist in this situation. Or in this section of the forums. Fact; there are none. Based on two different reports, it is the heal or the ankle. Which “fact“ should we believe? I specifically mentioned AP7 ... more »

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I have not seen anything concerning the timeline, but based on AP7, he might not be back until the Nationals.

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He said in the post race interview that it felt like he was breathing through a straw.

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An admittedly out of shape Chad Reed might be a good placeholder for the unfortunate JS 17. He most likely will not cost too much money as this puts himself back on tier 2 level equipment and allows him more time to train. I think a win/win for both ... more »

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I had a local Honda support ride back in 1989 (they had nobody else I guess) and I loved my 1989 except for the forks. My 1995 CR 250 was better, no doubt though. Better engine/frame/suspension/ergonomics. Fast forward to post 2000 and I found a 1989 ... more »

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MP, this upcoming season (2020), I will be ready to finally return to VMX, but I am starting a new shift (fourth shift) which is 7-7 Friday/Saturday/Sunday. Go figure. In 2021, I will have vacation time to go race.

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tydog, thanks. The back started getting better in 2015 with the help of a very knowledgeable doctor who treated the root cause (deep muscle spasms around my S1). It only took 5 years. After a year of PT to help this little doggie get started back to ... more »

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Thank you

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1978 Frankenbike. Basically a 1978 Magnum frame with a 1981 250 Reed and 1981 Suspension. With the 1978, the rear of the frame should be gusseted right below the seat, behind the number plate. I finished this bike a few years back, back I am ... more »
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Agree. I've thought about starting an MX club up here but time is tough. Candidly one of the best parts of being at a track is meeting other riders and learning from them. Met some great folks at local races and track days. The tough part is actually putting a program together that will work. The tracks are standalone and while they...more

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I think it all comes down to the cost to physically own a dirtbike. In 2006 I was able to talk my mom into buying me a last year model rm125 for around $3,000. That was a good entry level, full size, bike. That simply doesn't exist anymore.
With that price in mind, many of the smaller bikes were much less expensive, and more...more

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What prevents you from buying and racing one? Have you asked your local promoter if he'll do two-stroke-only classes? Are you encouraging your two-stroke friends to come out and race?

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ACRMX is some of the best racing I ever did. So much fun and a laid back atmosphere. Saturday mx and a Sunday GP. Evansville, Broome, Blue Diamond, Dutchman, Hurricane, etc...

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If Max no longer has them, reach out to me and I will send you pics of my set.

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ama530 is spot on.
I would like to add though, if we racers/riders want the sport to grow, we have to pitch in and do our part. Which means, plan a day to bring out a new rider and teach them how to ride, where to ride and how to maintain a bike. I personally have zero use for local events at this point in my life. Sitting around all day, shelling out big money for little ride time. If I want to race MX, I attend a VMX race promoted by a club like . At these smaller VMX club races, with more open rules, you can virtually race all day and with your modern bike too as long as you race a vintage class. Still, I am lucky enough to know a few owners of private tracks and I can get two hours of fun safe MX in at my pace.
For the local tracks, I think two day events might be the answer with longer motos and less down time. Run the novices/vets and Pee Wees on Saturday and get them out earlier and the Experts and Amateurs on Sunday with longer motos and they too would have a shorter day. It will cost the tracks more money, but that might be offset by more entries and perhaps a small increase in fees??? The other thing we need to see is the remaining shops that are still business, need to focus some of their time and money back into the local level racing like we had back in the day.
Unfortunately I see the need for ALL the parties involved to come up with a plan that everyone will work on together towards increasing participation, from the local rider/racer all the way up to the manufactures. And that will only happen when hell freezes over sad

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I think we should also consider the issue of so much idle time at the track. Too many classes and sitting at the track for 10 hours gets old real quick. Most racers here in eastern PA are moving to off-road because of ride time. Running scrambles and enduros puts hours on your bike with very little down time. You show up 30-45 minutes...more

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Nailed it. So, the question is: How do we get cost down and interest up at the local racing level? If we can produce a couple decent ideas here, we can turn things around.

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The sport will grow as soon as price and accessibility to compete and ride grow. I moved out to Portland Or 8 years ago and discovered the miles of offroad trails available. That brought me back into riding. Going to Washougal fired the desire to get on a track and actually ride MX. I'd never ridden MX before but had ridden dirt bikes...more

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I am 36 and my two bikes are a KTM 125 and a Husqvarna 350. Both are great times. 250 displacement on a 4 stroke leaves you wanting a bit more and a 450 is too much, but a 350, that’s just right. I don’t believe a 350 is a niche market either. I’m not sure why more brands don’t get on that wagon.