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100% agree. After taking a heavy like that and then jumping into the deep end of Pro MX after the class is up to race pace is an impossible feat. Feeling timid/scared is completely normal taking all things into consideration. And good on him for being ... more »

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Apple Watch 6 does the job for me. Key is to use the lock feature once you start recording (use the outdoor cycling workout). I’ve got a protective cover that snaps on. All the data is logged and seamlessly sent to phone via Bluetooth to the built in ... more »

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Tell us more… 🤔 (I have an ‘18 BTW, Fatty with a shorty, Boyesen Rad valve and Enzo re-valve/re-sprung for 185lb).

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Both those guys have a natural talent for announcing. Weege with rapid fire race calls and GL just effortless, like he’s chilling with 🍺 in hand. Nothing seems awkward. Poor Wil, I feel like they throw it to her when things are a little slow and I swear ... more »

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Sketchy hats are sold out.

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Let the good times roll.

Added reply in a thread Am I the only one that doesn’t want to “Grow our sport”? 5/26/2021 8:23 AM

Good discussion. This topic has been rehashed plenty. Something I’ve thought about is how as time goes on it seems that recreational sports cater more and more to the 1 percenters, or even the 10 percenters. See what it costs to take a family of 4 on ... more »

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How bout a 250 2 stroke Gas Gas? 🙏🏻

Added reply in a thread Where is the best place to live in US for moto? 5/21/2021 9:00 PM

You dunno shit. N Texas rules.

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Acerbis frame guards provide grip and cover higher on frame. Stock bars really wide, cut 4mm off each end with a pipe cutter or buy some different bars. I ran PT SX bend. If you want more hit off bottom look into an FMF or PC exhaust. Replace the tubes, ... more »

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The best way to determine your max heart rate is to wear a HR monitor and do a strenuous exercise like running in sand. The 220 - age never added up even close. Hot and humid conditions have a big impact on HR obviously so when, and how you test can ... more »

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I say ride your bike until something better comes along or a bike that you just WANT. Why tie yourself to a bike just because you did suspension or something?

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Weege AND Blair.

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Will we not see an all new Yamaha 450 for 2022? Someone on here knows… 4 year cycle is up, they’re due.

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If you want to get treated right talk to Colin at Faster USA. I’ve had a couple wheel sets built up and he answered all questions and didn’t rush me off the phone. Extremely knowledgeable.

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3 classes cool, but 125 nerkin heads? 🤦‍♂️ Death wish. 💀 😭

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With 4 lap races riding your dirtbike 2 times a week is all you need. If you are going for big races, hot, long duration, ride your dirtbike more. All that other stuff mentioned is great too, but at 50+ rest and recovery is most important. Light workouts ... more »

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That’s the basics, but more to it when comparing to Hunter. Hunter stiff-legged it and kept the angle higher using body weight. Cam soaked it up and yeah, was forward, those 2 things and also could be some throttle usage or none to compare. The bike ... more »

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Stock the clutch line looks bobo, but the routing works and don’t notice it while riding. I like the throttle cable stock routing. Glad they copied KTM.