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New thread Torque sequence question( somebody with a 2018 KTM 350 manual please read) 5/19/2020 5:14 PM

What does step 3 in this torque sequence mean ?

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New thread Can someone show me a picture of a KX front wheel in a cross 3 pattern 5/7/2020 2:21 PM

just like the title says I have an aftermarket wheel off of a 19 KX450 and the guy wants me to change it to a cross 3 pattern

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New thread Help identify autograph 4/28/2020 12:08 PM

I'm cleaning out my garage I'm a box of old Unadilla memorabilia trying to identify the autographs on this book. I know the one is Brad Lackey not sure about the others one is real faded.

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New thread Tony D and Husqvarna 4/25/2020 6:59 AM

I'll always wonder why when stories are done on Tony they never mention his time at Husqvarna. I've met him quite a few times over the years because the shop I work for the owner was good friends with him and help him bikes during this time. I've never

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New thread KTM invest in gas gas 10/1/2019 4:45 AM

don't know if this was posted already I think this is good news for people who own gas gas motorcycles


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New thread Husqvarna e50 6/11/2019 6:35 AM

I don't know if there's been video posted of these bikes actually running before if you go to Jarvis's Instagram there is video of guys riding them

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New thread Young New York racer lost his life this weekend 5/21/2019 7:33 AM

Don't know if this was posted on here already GoFundMe was started for the family. GoFundMe

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New thread Ktm showa Fork kit 3/20/2019 1:47 PM

Not sure what year Honda Forks but they are in very good shape they have new 5.0 Springs in them Kit comes with shims for Forks ,front break carrier , front disc, front axle and wheel spacers. The seals in Forks are currently leaked and I will include

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New thread Rekluse EXP 4 KTM 450 xc-w 7/11/2018 5:35 AM

Clutch was in my 2014 450 xc-w not sure what other years it will fit ,

probably less than 10 hours on it excellent condition $400 free shipping ... more »

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New thread KTM lowering link 7/10/2018 2:25 PM

Fits 2012 to 16 two stroke or 2012 to 15 4-stroke lowers the bike approximately 2 in $125.00 free shipping very good condition

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New thread Did somebody on here by a new KTM this weekend 4/9/2018 11:42 AM

Saw this at a gas station in Virginia this weekend, I've been doing it all wrong with pickup trucks over the years, could be getting better gas mileage just using the car.

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New thread This happened at today's GNCC 4/8/2018 10:20 PM

what happens to your travel trailer when you have your campfire too close to your gas cans

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New thread 17 250sxf lighting 1/24/2018 6:21 AM

I posted this over a KTM talk but i really didn't get an answer , my son is running the Northeast 24 hour challenge this year and I want to install a light bar on the bike I'm getting a Rick's high output stator (70w) but not sure about the wiring, is ... more »

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