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Reply to Which 450 would be best? 3/23/2016 12:03 PM

The difference between your CRF230 and full blown 250F 4-stroke MXer will be HUGE . Even though the displacement may seem similar, they are totally different machines with different purposes. For comparison, your 230 is probably pumping out about 16HP... ... more »

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Haha Geez ... You guys are acting like I did something malicious. It's not like I created a fake account called "ThisHelmetSavedMe" and told some grand story about flying off a cliff and living. Heck, I didn't even offer an opinion on the helmet. I just ... more »

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As far as your comments directed at me, take a look at my last post to understand my reasoning for not announcing myself. Also, my original post in this thread simply started that the helmets specs are similar to other brand helmets of similar price ... more »

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I just went back and reskimmed some older posts and see why you were comparing those brands. My comment to your post was based more on the fact that I only saw you referencing Shoei and 6Ds, which isn't nessesary apples to apples, as price alone can ... more »

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Haha yeah... I do work for ALiAS. I guess I just didn't really see the need of blasting that out there since I was mainly just posting the helmet specs in my first reply. Unfortunately, I also had another comment misinterpreted as trying to start an

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You were expecting a helmet with a retail of $329 (that can be purchased for $197) to be comparable to a 6D or Shoei?

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The specs are pretty much in-line with the other helmets with a similar retail of $329 (although with the Direct 2 Rider Membership its only $197). From the Alias site (http://shop.aliasmx.com/UC1-HELMET-BLACKWHITE_p_757.html): Specs: - Lightweight Carbon-Fiber ... more »

Reply to Your best mx photo shot with phone? 1/2/2016 3:30 PM

The photo of me in my avatar was shot on a phone by a buddy a few years back. It was edit a little after the fact but I always thought it was pretty cool for a phone shot.

Reply to Alias deals 12/19/2015 10:39 AM

ALiAS announced earlier this year that they are longer selling to dealers domestically, so they can cut costs to riders by going with a direct sales model. It's the free DiRECT 2 RiDER program: https://shop.aliasmx.com/register.asp?cg=6

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There were some improvements to the 2016 fitment and quality with both the A2 Series and recently released A1 Series gear. Especially the case for the higher-end A1 Series. Overall, ALiAS tries for more of a tailored fit, which has many times seemed ... more »

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Top Motocross Athletes and Brands on Social Media First Half of 2015... From HookIt

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I guess the only catch is you might end up with a lot of different sets of gear to wash at the end of the week... The membership is free. ALiAS has cut out the middleman (i.e. not selling to dealers in the US) to deliver lower prices. Click here

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...or you can just head over to ALiAS MX, create a Direct 2 Rider account, and get a jersey/pant/glove combo for Under $120

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RJ had his foot out going into that corner and tapped the rear wheel of Marvin... Which kicked up RJs leg... He didn't try to kick him...

Reply to Hampshire is a badass....but in hospital currently! 2/16/2015 5:27 PM

A video posted by ALiAS MX (@aliasmx) on Feb 16, 2015 at 4:55pm PST

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The $29 deal looks to be done.... but Alias has a new sale running now..... http://shop.aliasmx.com

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I thought they fixed the sizing. I had to wear 34s the first year, but switched back to my normal 32s with last years gear. Just for the fact the small-sizing conception is out there that would be a good reason to get gear out to a bunch of people if ... more »

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Couple Pics of some people boxes had from searching the TracksideGearbox hashtag:

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I was told that all gear color combos are being sent out. It could be either from A1 or A2 line. The brand pick is just to give them some sort reference. For example, even though some people might like it, they would probably not take a chance sending ... more »