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I just spent a year and a half on a 2018 KTM150XC-W(pre TPI). I also rode a 2018 150SX a handful of times in the past year. Skill wise, I'm a mid pack B rider in the woods, Midpack C on an mx track. I rode everything from tight woods to arenacross to

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Not trying to derail the thread but thanks for the advice on the 150, right now I've kept it completely stock(I'm in the prime weight for the suspension so haven't even messed with it much) but I've been beginning to wonder how I could improve it here ... more »

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Not an exact comparison but the 150 XC W is a great woods bike however, I've heard the 150 SX pulls way harder. I like the fact it's not as much of an "on/off" powerband like a 125 but it also is obviously set up for a different purpose than Moto. The ... more »

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Not as involved in the Moto side as I was at one point a couple years ago when I worked at a local track and raced Moto occasionally but I feel like Missouri (at least the KC area) is doing fairly well comparatively to other parts of the country on the ... more »

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I've always heard that KTM purposely makes it hard to shift to neutral so you don't accidentally hit it on the transfer from 1st to 2nd but I don't know if there's any actual proof of that or just a "feeling". I've experienced the same thing with my ... more »

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833, I had temp numbers obviously. If you see me at Collins, holler at me, that’s going to be another tough test of the 150 I imagine.

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Well, it honestly has more power across the range than I expected. The Rocky technical stuff wasn't near as tough to be competitive on as I anticipated. I believe we actually practiced starts before the race at the same time. The bike was great, the ... more »

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Yup, on the way now!

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After much deliberation, we got a great deal on a KTM 150 xc-w from Freedom Cycle, haven't got to ride it yet but I'm so excited! Thanks again to everyone who weighted in and offered their .02, it's much appreciated!

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Once again, I appreciate everyone weighing in, as I'm evaluating options it's looking like Gas Gas carries too much risk, however the KTM150 is sounding more and more intruguing. I am slightly concerned about the bottom end power but it appears most ... more »

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I’m not entirely against a 250, I recently rode a 2019 KTM 250xc and started to feel more comfortable the more I rode. However, It was almost exhausting to ride due to the obvious power difference. I understand that most new bikes are going to feel more ... more »

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Thanks for the advice, Gas Gas as a company concerns me, Beta seems a tad more stable and I obviously want to be able to get parts and such. I think I prefer the Gas Gas stock components (KYB suspension for example) but I am definitely concerned about ... more »

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After racing a KDX for a couple years, my parents have came on board in support of an upgrade. I've never raced a new bike before so I've obviously been excited to research all the options out there. We're currently looking to go with a New 200 two stroke ... more »

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Definitely not for everyone but I love the 250L Rally edition I ride. My dad has a 2000 KLR 650 he got dirt cheap and is essentially bulletproof but I personally feel that it's too heavy unless you're main goal is gravel road riding. I don't really take

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Just was curious if anyone had and opinion on putting an XR engine in an 85 frame VS doing a swingarm conversion but keeping the rest of the bike. Just something I've been curious about, as far as handling characteristics and such are concerned.

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I have a somewhat modded XR 100. Works rear shock, BBR heavy springs up front, FMF pipe, BBR frame reinforcement piece, and some other small parts. The only thing I will say is that the swing arm and wheel conversion from a CR 85 seems to be almost a ... more »

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Not going to lie, I forgot about making this thread, probably one of my few good ones to be honest, forgot how good some of these memes were?

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What channel is it showing on this year? Missed every round last year?