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Very nice! You done good. RB

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Nice job. I liked the Husky's of that era. I had a '82 250 for a while. Not sure why I sold it. RB

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Sorry to hear of your dad's passing. All those D-6 guys were fast, looks like your dad was right in there with them. The bikes & vehicles in the background would make me think those photos might have been 'pre 1970. Of course, that's just a WAG on ... more »

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My riding buddy & I had them back in '73/'74. He had a 4 lb fw weight on his, I had a 2.5 lb'er on mine. We both used 5' travel Curnutts (sp?) Both mods really helped. i wasn't fast enough to break my bike, my buddy was faster & rode harder.

... more »
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Hey Jeff. I remember you. I'd very much like to see your old D-7 pics. And a few tales to go with them. I rode in D-7 events, mostly MX, from '72 to '82 / '83. Didn't you hold the D-7 # 1 plate around '73 or 4 ? Rode 400 Maico's ? RB

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You're right F150MX, that's a very cool bike. It's definitely got it, whatever "it" is. LOL RB

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Very nice! A tip of the hat to your wife & daughter. You got a couple of special women there. Were you living in PA back in the day? If so, I know you District 5 & 6 guys were fast and you needed those GP porting spec's back then. But maybe now, ... more »

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Is the Type 514 one of the early '90's models? Sorry if it's a dumb question. Love those long travel Curnutts. Some years ago I was in Twenty Nine Palms while touring So Cal on a Buell street bike. I thought about looking up Curnutt's shop & saying ... more »

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My VF 414 had Works Performance Shocks set up with triple rate springs and, I assume, valving to match, to help off set the lack of rising rate rear suspension. It was a huge improvement over the stock shocks. They're still on there. I've sent them back ... more »

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Thanks for posting. Very nice bikes. I loved the VB 360 that I had. My VF 414 is almost all original still, but not cherry. More of a (mostly)well maintained survivor. I still have the Certificate of Origin for it. IMO, the VB series was as far as Montesa ... more »

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Sold it around the time that I bought the 414. I agree on the looks of the 77/78 VB's. Very pretty bikes. The 414 is a nice bike. The only thing not original is the bars, side number plates & shocks. The cases have never been apart. Well, I did put ... more »

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I had a '76 VA 360 and then a '77 VB 360. The VB 360 was my all time favorite bike, in hind sight. RB

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Here ya go.

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I still have a '80 Montesa VF 414 that I bought new in '81. Every once in a while I'll get it out and go riding with friends (other old guys like me). The bike still does great in spite of no PV, no reeds, & drum brakes. A real blast from the past. ... more »

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Hello JD, thanks for posting. I especially enjoy seeing the VB 250. I had and raced a '77 VB 360. It remains one of my most favorite bikes. Very interesting story regards the WP connection. I had US built Curnutts on my '77. I've still got them hanging ... more »

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If you're still looking for ideas, I'd look at late '90's e-start DR 350. There was a lot of hop up stuff being done to them back then. I rode one in the Suzuki Nat. Dual sport series back then, as many of then as I could. That 350 did a great job ,

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Looking good. I like seeing the old(er) mx & off road bikes being put back in service. I recently decided I needed a lightweight off roader & bought a '01 XC 200 Gas Gas and went thru it about like you've done with this bike. It won't win any ... more »

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They were made to be ridden, so I'd go for it . I'm sure there's room here on Old School Moto for different points of view and levels of interest. RB

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Thanks Jeff. I'd love to see more of your old D7 photos. RB

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Congrats on a good finish and thanks for taking time to post. Very entertaining. Uh, you guys are nuts, btw. But in a good way, of course.