Added reply in a thread Anyone else have their Mav TV subscription canceled??? 5/31/2022 3:58 PM

Same email also

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Added reply in a thread Is Daytona Overrated? 3/10/2022 12:48 PM

I was there this year and the race before covid hit and I have watched every race on tv since I can remember. To me the lap times keep getting shorter and shorter and the tracks resemble more of the typical supercross tracks. I beleive this is a bad ... more »

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Riding a real motorcycle

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Looking awesome so far !

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I got the one that has a luggage rack on front and rear, my brother bought it for me for my 60th birthday. I use it for riding around with the grandkids and when I'm bored and just want to putt around in the woods. Really cant go wrong for the money. ... more »

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Red Bud is pretty much pg13 , nothing like it was 20 years ago

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Yep when I was listening to the podcast and he made the statement about Jett & Stewart my first thought was is he just saying crazy shit to get people to talk about his podcast ? Next day on Vital I have my answer.

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How popular would a 125 allstar legends race at the nationals be ? I have been a Fro fan from beginning 😁 looking forward to the rest of the series.

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Man what a great story 🤣 pretty crazy you didnt notice grips or levers being different,, too bad that guy didnt pass you on your bike during the race and you saw it then 👍

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Very cool !! Time for some riding !! 😀

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Congrats ! I had about a 20 year layoff but back at it in my 60s 🤙

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Buy a used kx100 and a repair manual,, learn to ride and maintain your bike yourself..

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Great looking bike ! Im a big fan of those era of 125s

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Sweet looking little bike !

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I think Dean is a cool dude and im still a fan,, im a fan of Kenny too. Its a fuckin mx race in a small stadium, shits going to happen.

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You guys complaining need to change your manpon before you watch a "race"

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Who is Thomas Do, qualified 8th overall in 250s ?

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Try putting some seafoam in it , remove throttle limiter and run it for a few minutes or longer up on stand.

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Why do electric mx bikes have to be the future and not a option for those who want them ? I think there would be less negativity towards them if they was marketed this way......