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New thread Stankdog-- Stretching out the One-Two-Five at Thunder Valley! 6/14/2022 4:41 PM

Too good not to share...short clip of Stankdog clearing the massive uphill triple at Thunder Valley last weekend on his 125. Pretty impressive. I've always appreciated Gared's efforts on the 125, and of course the entertainment value he brings to the ... more »

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New thread Which Polar Fitness Watch for Moto and Mountain Biking? 6/4/2022 8:57 AM

Finally wore out my old Polar M400 and am in need of a new fitness watch. I'd like to stick with another Polar product if possible. I'm not a runner and will use the watch primarily for moto and mountain biking, with occasional road biking and hiking ... more »

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New thread Best Rock n Roll Debut Album of All Time? 5/31/2022 4:12 PM

For me it's Boston's Boston. Absolute masterpiece. Every single song is/was a hit. Tom Scholz's musical genius paired with Brad Delps voice equals absolute perfection.

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New thread Ryan Dungey's Wallet... 5/28/2022 7:59 PM

Coming of the couch after 5 years and goes 5-5!!?? Holy Hell!! The rest of the 450 class should be MORE than a bit concerned.

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New thread Sizing question for AStars SM10 Carbon owners. 4/3/2022 4:03 PM

Any XL or XXL SM10 owners here? If so, can you tell me what size helmet liner your helmet came with? There should be a visible, small red tag attached to the liner showing the size. Thanks much in advance.

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New thread Not MX, but dayumm...this is how you ride a 2-stroke in the woods. 3/6/2022 1:52 PM

Russel Bobbitt on a 300SX getin it done at the Sumpter National Enduro. Impressive!

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New thread Recommendation for Baja Tour Company? 1/1/2022 7:00 AM

Happy New Year, All! My riding buddies and I are looking to mix things up a bit in 2022. We normally do a multiple day ride trip through the mountains every year, but for 2022 we were thinking of heading south for a 3-5 day Baja Adventure/tour. There ... more »

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New thread Mike Craig-Whiskey Throttle Show 11/24/2021 5:42 AM

Anyone listen/watch this one yet? Mike's an interesting individual. Loved hearing about his upbringing in the El Cajon zone, hanging around and riding with all the legends from that area. Pretty cool. I knew he had a reputation for being somewhat of ... more »

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New thread Loretta's-Senior 45+ Class. Predictions? 7/31/2021 5:40 AM

Have always been a huge Emig fan. Will be interesting to see how he does on his 150 against Ryno and Brownie. Would assume Brownie is the favorite because of recency of race experience, but sounds like Jeff's been taking his prep fairly serious and will ... more »

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New thread Question for those who wear the 6D ATR-2. 6/23/2021 7:36 PM

I've read quite a few reviews/opinions/experiences on 6D's ATR 1 and 2 helmets. I noticed some are complaining about getting headaches during use due to pressure points in the helmet, most notably on top of their head.Thinking very seriously about upgrading ... more »

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New thread MX Geoff's Past Prediction of KTM Dominance 5/2/2021 9:02 AM

Hate to give the clown his due, but seems Geoff was spot on with his prediction of future KTM dominance in US moto. Believe he made the prediction around the time they hired Dungey. Of course ol' Geoff deservedly sustained a proper beat down from the ... more »

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New thread Which rider from the 80's best personifies/embodies that era of moto? 3/12/2021 8:05 AM

Just finished listening to Dave Arnold and RJ on the latest WT show. So cool to hear all the insider information from what was arguably the best era, ever, in the history of our sport. One that we'll likely never experience again.The teams, the bikes, ... more »

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New thread I'm just gonna leave this here... 5/9/2020 8:38 PM

NEVER gets old!!!

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New thread My kids first deer. 2/16/2020 7:33 AM

I know, I know...another "look at my kid pic!!!" Ha! You'll just have to bear with me or hit the back button! ;D Anyway, my youngest son shot his first deer yesterday... a small Axis buck. Pretty exciting moment for both of us. It wasn't the buck that

... more »

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New thread FS: 2018 YZ-250X 2/8/2020 11:16 AM

Original owner. Vet rider. Purchased new 03/2018 and currently has 41.1 hrs of total run time. Bike is in exceptional condition and never abused. Has one small dent in the pipe(see picture). It’s completely stock, mechanically perfect and ready to ride.

... more »

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New thread FS: Youth-Fox Comp 3 Boots(Size 6) 1/28/2020 2:36 PM

Boots are still as new. Worn 3 times. $70 + shipping. Boots are $130 new.

... more »

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New thread Holeshot Pic from Rio Bravo 1983- Classic 80's MX 3/12/2019 6:41 AM

Check out this holeshot pic my Dad took of the 125 Beginner class back in the summer 0f 83'. Classic early 80's MX ....full gates, lots of Suzuki's, piecemeal gear combos, etc.. As I was examining the pic, I couldn't help but notice the guy ripping the

... more »

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New thread Epic race- RC vs CR- Dallas SX 03' 3/4/2019 8:04 PM

What a battle!! Forgot how good this race was and also how much better SX racing was with 2-strokes. Ricky and Chad were using every bit of the track during that race. Fun to watch. Reed was definitely at his best on the 250 2-stroke. https://youtu.be/V_TokoSvZNA?start=131 ... more »

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New thread Accepting Venmo for Mountain Bike sale-Is this safe for higher $ transactions? 2/22/2019 7:23 AM

Gent's, I've been using Venmo for awhile now, but primarily for small transactions and from mostly people I know. That being said, I'm selling a mountain bike and have a buyer who wants to pay via Venmo. This would be by far the largest transaction I've ... more »

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New thread Things to do and where to stay in/around Yosemite? 2/17/2019 10:11 AM

Taking the family out to Yosemite for three days this summer and was looking for some tips on what to do and where to stay. The wife and I did a quick trip there back in 2000 while in the Bay Area for a wedding. We were limited on time, so just hit the ... more »

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