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He seems to have fizzled? Had a couple of decent SX races and so far has been a non factor Outdoors. I really thought he would be challenging for wins by now.

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Not like Europe doesn't have their share of idiots as well. There have been several shenannigans in the past commited by Euro fans. Throwing bottles/debris at the opposing rider(s) comes to mind. I seem to remember Gatorade bottles being thrown at Bubba ... more »

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I was at Glen Helen today. Mike rode well, but not good enough. I was actually surprised he didn't have AC covered, especially with home track advantage. Also, he's used to the heat. Looked to me like his conditioning is not up to speed yet as he seemed ... more »

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Listen, I think Mohammed is about as credible as a US congressman, but the fact is, the GP guys were flying yesterday and had no problems with the big jumps and massive hills. I was impressed. Musquin is the real deal. He looked good. Don't get too excited ... more »

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He's on a 4-stroke..YZF

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Yeah, DK did the Kiwi's proud.

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Bet DC wishes he and MX Sports wouldn't have played Dirty Pool with Bud Feldcamp and GH. I can gurantee Luongo is now using this USGP as a spring board or momentum if you will, to try and diminish the US Nationals and push his original agenda. Hence, ... more »

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Agreed! My buddy and I were saying the same thing during the race today.

Started new thread Dubach is The Man! 5/29/2010 8:35 PM

Dubach's a stud. The guy's in his mid to late forties and he's still fast enough to qualify for a National or a USGP! Hell, the dude was out there hucking the triple step-up today on every a strong cross-wind at that. King didn't start doing ... more »

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Started new thread Where will everyone be practicing in So Cal today? 5/28/2010 6:14 AM

Hey Guy's We're in town for the GP and wanted to visit a track or two today in hopes of catching a few fast guy's practicing. Where is the popular place to practice out here in So Cal on Fridays? Thanks

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450's.......RD 5 is going to put a Ricky Carmichael size azz whippin on the 450 class. He hauls outdoors, currently has lots of confidence and will just simply out train and out ride everyone all season, just like his mentor did in seasons past. My darkhorse ... more »

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You've obviously never been to a National at Glen Helen!!! What a Tool Bag!

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Without a doubt, Grant Langston. The guy's a much better investment for Kawasaki than Wey. He's very corporate, has a huge fan base, is extremely articulate and is almost guranteed to be on the podium multiple times over the summer. Also has a legitimate ... more »

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DC, "Moving on" from Glen Helen is quite possibly the biggest dis-service ever bestowed upon the US Nationals. I think your vision of an outdoor SX type series is digraceful and doomed to fail. It's wrong on every level. Good luck with Pala. My buds ... more »

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I'm a big fan of RD5, BUT if Bubba is healthy and focused at the start of the Outdoor season, no one will touch him. Only person who had a chance against Bubba was RV2.

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You nailed it. Very well said.

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Congrats to RD5. He's as solid as they come, both on and off the track. He deserved this championship fair and square.

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Allesi has never been able to challenge RV outside. Ryan made him his little bi#ch the entire time they raced the Lites bikes. Didn't matter which track, which stadium, RV had him covered!

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One thing I disagree with.....RC never tried to hang with Bubba outdoors, it was quite the opposite. It was Bubba trying to hang with RC. RC didn't have to try and hang with anybody as he was the GOAT outdoors.