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Oh, where'd you get that shit? Oh, that, I like it I like the way the line runs up the back of the stockings You know, I've always liked those kind of high heels too. No no no no, don't take 'em off, don't take em off...leave em on..

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Ha!! Imagine shredding Idaho Single Track with your buds and running into the most iconic rider our sport has ever seen? How effun cool would that be? I’d have to at least ask to join up for a few minutes so I could say I’ve ridden ST with Jeremy McGrath. ... more »

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In the words of Ricky Bobby...if you don’t like the way Zacho rides, then Fu#k you!! 😜

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Awesome purchase! You'll really enjoy the bike. Bought a new 18' model for my son a few years ago. He loved it, I loved it. Absolutely rips in the single track, does great in the mountains(2 trips to the Colorado Rockies) and works well for moto too. ... more »

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Pfft!!! Having a complete shit mechanic and bike in 97', he still damn near won the SX Championship. It was mechanical issues and a few instances of bad luck that cost him the championship, not an underpowered bike.

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Let's see 65, no 85, no 125....nice to see Honda reaping what they sow! ... more »
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And didn't they change the rules after Kaven won the cship? Basically banned any mod on a 250 2stk forward of the intake, sans a pipe. Honda and Kawi supposedly threw a tantrum and got their way.

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Saweet!! Congrats on your new ride. I just ordered the white version of your bike. Should be arriving by the end of the month.

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Umm...I believe he was referring to people of your ilk! But then again I'm sure you knew that.

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Been helping a good friend look for a used KTM 250/300 XC/XCW here in the Central Texas area and NOTHING. Tons of SXF's and a few XCF'S, but 250 and 300 2-strokes..forget it. Great for sellers, not too good for buyers. Ha! My bud is probably going to ... more »

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Great show!! Always loved entertaining to watch on the track. The dude had balls of steel. Guy demonstrating how to properly ride a dirt 125cc dirt scooter. Amazing talent!

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Oh, hell yeah! Beautiful bike. Nice work sir! Enjoy the new ride.

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For fuggs sake, get a life ya fukk stick. So tired of these threads baggin on Ralph. He's not that bad.

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You did well! Nice ride. You'll love the TX.

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More like the bike that ruined the entire

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Tuna, Ever ridden the trails around the Phoenix area(where OP says he'll be riding)? They can be extremely nasty, rocky and technical. A straight 250F is not set up or designed for that type of riding. It's set up for MX and would be one of the worst ... more »

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Don't get the 250F. You'll be sorry. Get the 250X! You'll love the bike.

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Anyone else not seeing Johnny Depps photo's? Went to the race today. Vibe was cool and track was in amazing shape. Haven't seen that many racers at Cycle Ranch in a long time. Todd and company, along with Mike Clement did a great job. I think people ... more »

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Of the brands I've run, Fox 360 has been most durable for me. Have also used Fly, Answer and MSR. All held up relatively well, but the Fox 360 is a cut above the others. As someone mentioned above, you get what you pay for.

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My son had an 18 250X that I spent quite a bit of time on. I’ve ridden it in the Central Tx Hill Country, the Colorado Rockies and also occasionally on an MX track. Although I can’t comment on the 250FX as I’ve never ridden one, but as for the X, it’s ... more »