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Ken congrats on the new baby best wishes to you and your wife and rest up so we can see you on the podium because that's were you belong I am a huge fan and my family and I think that Honda is a great fit for you so good luck and go Roc it!

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84 CR 250R
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Honda CR 125 2005 (factory replica)

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100 2913

Hi Mark I left you a reply I think on your 87 CR build and I got a reply from one of the other guys I think that may have been looking at your bike as well but I am not sure if you got it I'm not that great at using this site yet either but I just said what an outstanding job you are doing on the bike and thank you very much for the kind words on my 84 CR I really appreciate it a lot and it just inspirers me more to do what we love to do with theses great bikes so thanks again

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Mark I think you are doing a very outstanding job on the CR it is looking flawless and I can't wait to see it all finished these bikes are some of the best bikes ever built for motocross and it is very cool to see it come back at a very high level and ... more »

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My 84 CR 250R

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I am just rapping up my 2018 version of my 1984 CR 250r just needs final few things but it is almost complete and wanted to know what you guys think of it hope you all like it

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I am looking for a separator plate for the water pump cover anyone know where to get one?

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Thanks MaxPower for your reply I was not sure of the exact problem but is there anything I can do that you know of or is it something that can be prevented from happening

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Does anyone know about replacing the CR piston to YZ piston to correct piston breaking problems? I read in a blog that there is a trick to change the piston to a YZ piston but they did not remember the specs and I have never had that happen to my bike ... more »

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