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Pretty amazing that Gajser's 5th world title, 4 times in mxgp, gets that much unoticed. Congrats to him, he is getting in a very very short list while being still so young ...

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That gif is gold, i am pretty done for a sunday evening and i can't stop laughing !

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Honestly, coming from a big Deegan fan, the whole situation for all those involved is a total mess. It is just scandalous, a lack of sportmanship to never see again, and there should be a way to make it less smelly. I sincerely hope that star and yamaha ... more »

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I don't understand the negative about this interview, it was awesome. Very natural, lots of great topics covered, it is actually one of the only 3 hour podcasts i have ever watched fully

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He made a great charge in the 2nd moto too, finished 9th but was 27th on the first scoring.

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Sorry guys I missed the rear brake ...

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I don't think it would be super safe to ride the 450 without a good portion of the winter on it. Risk vs reward is not interesting. That said, it would be totally sick and a great move to have both Lawrence's on the 450 on the opposite coast next year. ... more »

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TBH, sponsors exiting on a breach that we don't know so far is not looking that great either. Maybe 2 bikes needed to be on the track and some injuries happened. If so, that sucks actually for the team owner(s?) too. We heard quite a few things about ... more »

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Very sadden too. OC highly contributed to make this place the best, and I always enjoyed reading his posts and his excitment for racing. Godspeed bro !

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Every year the same idea, to fix something that works before plently of other things to make better. Right now, we would have less than 50% of the titles and podium contenders after a few rounds in 250. The kids are wild

(and many are particularly ... more »
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Exactly my thoughts. The whoops so far may explain half of Webb's results. And the year he won the title, the whoops were not massive, it was even becoming the norm to jump whoops. With a start he will probably get on the box this week end.

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That was a popular post !

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Literally me back flying from a party fucking excited seeing this thread on the board

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I can be very wrong, but honestly he also had some s.... luck this year too. Change 3 races, a crash in the whoops (yes it can happen to anyone and it was not his day after being rolled over in the whoops as well), 1 love tap from anderson that he should ... more »

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Ah yeah ? Which one ? 2 sx titles in 250 + 1 world championship in mx2 + twice runner up in the outdoors in 250 ? 1 time champs sometimes get lucky, I agree. But please tell me which rider with this background didn't top 5 in sx 450 in the last 30 years ... more »

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Pourcel got his shot 5 years too late in 450 SX. It was his last run and was quite scared. Pourcel in his prime would have been a threat in SX. Watch again 09 and 2010 (or Phoenix 07). Weren't Dungey, Canard or Barcia top tier riders from 2010 to 2015 ... more »

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Overly discussed, I liked them both but personnally I think it is a 70 (Freise) /30 (Craig) ; if Freise was fully focused on the turn then it was actually a bit hard to fully know craig was here (and so fast, and making the last centimeters needed in ... more »

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I like the track but i am always stressed when i see this triple on the 2nd lane after the start, copy paste of the canard/morais crash. Here the radio comm could be useful just in case.

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I agree with the OP, not overrated, he is got a "legend" status in france too if that helps

He is the king of cool, and at the same time he is probably the gnarliest of all time, even before JS7. Of course he was taking chances, but I also ... more »