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They work with internal and external suppliers to recycle them. A process which is improving at an exponential rate because of the investments in it. Some Tesla founder is locking down deals with Auto companies who need to recycle batteries by the month: ... more »

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+1. I had the 18 800xca. I’m a bad rider. I tip over, tip off, wreck, call it what you will. Picking it up wasn’t the challenge I thought it would be.

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Norte Dame

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the last 12 months have lead to some significant breakthroughs in battery technology. But it takes time to go from prototype to mass production. With the batteries being less complex, faster to charge and with more energy density per kg, the bikes will ... more »

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This is what I believe after their Nascar announcement earlier this year.

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After paying 26k to be lifted from Thunderhill Raceway to Chico, I now have family Heli insurance. (Femur)

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I have no idea what any of this means. But I felt the same way when power valves came out.

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These are the temptations I don't need. NV makes it pretty easy to plate that bike, and a purpose built supermoto with a race motor is clearly the most sensible thing to use for commuting/city runs.

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I oddly enjoy watching some of the best dirt bike riders in the world. And the way they dealt with the dry flat corners. As a fan of flat track that was fun to watch.

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It’s so ok to not know. Applying scientific method is never a bad idea. All can fight about the results but so long as the bias is recognized and the raw data is valued as a source of truth the results have less bias on our personal belief structure. ... more »

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Tesla owned no part of Alta. Former Tesla founders were a part of Alta.

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I love motors, 2 strokes, and rotary engines. This will be our second Tesla. Parked next to a diesel, 3 ice vehicles, 3 2 stroke off road bikes, 2 4 stroke adventure bikes and 3 4 stroke road race bikes in race trim. Cool is cool.

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I was trying to find it but there is a study where they do 5 engines hot vs cold and in 4/5 cold resulted in more removed after x minutes. A boxer engine that can trap oil horizontally was the outlier. Anyway I still do it warm because I want my father ... more »

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There is some evidence you remove more oil cold. It has already settled. The act of running the engine redistributes it. That said, I like the scalding burn I always get.

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w/o knowing specific model I would assume yes. Part numbers for the rear wheel of an 09 /12 250sx-f and sx appear to be the same. Using Rocky Mountain ATVs OEM parts fiche for reference.

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Great to see Dual Sports at Vital Klinger.

That wasn't really a test though.. Don't hold back, give the Pro's and Con's

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based on what I learn from reading comments on message boards, Carl's Diner is how we should prep our tracks so our guys will be good at mxon.

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same. Have a 2500 Ram. Bikes ends up in my 99 2wd tacoma extended cab 99% of the time. I will always have a little truck. Forget the ramp? no problem.

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He sold the "had" part of his name and is now Creed. So with arms wide open he's stoked on this thread.

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It never came up in natural conversation so Jeff got mad and said it was wada 's fault then screamed riders union. Must listen moment.