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As usual, Ping has to show his political ass. Just can't leave it alone can you? Follow a fellow member Boomslang on his journey with Covid. Healthy young guy, his whole family got Covid, he was on a ventilator. I've noticed all the Covid naysayers on Vital are absent. Crickets. Good, this shit is real, you are a so called...more

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Please stop

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This is motocross. We don't run 24 motos, and then choose the champion from who had the fastest single lap of a moto selected by a Tomac fan.

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"some pretty intensive management" It's a lot easier than you might think! Besides, at the elite level, any diet is pretty highly managed. Well, most of the time. Jett Lawrence and his doughnuts, Ken Roczen with his pizza and beer!

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I think saying that Tomac was over it or "hungover" from the SX title last year is a bit of an exaggeration. He ended the 2020 series 34 points down from Osborne, and that was including his two DNFs in one day. He might not have been "beast mode" Eli ... more »

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Thanks Doc. Glad you were there at the scene to examine Mcadoo.

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Ryan Dungey just did an interview on this. His trick was to avoid the established wisdom of braking as late as possible, and instead he would brake a little earlier. By braking a little earlier you can roll around the corner carrying way more speed. ... more »

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I can't remember who said it, but seeing Webb after the main event last Saturday it reminded me of it. Webb seems to be able to go seriously deep when he needs to. He looked absolutely exhausted when he finished, slumping over the bars a little bit. ... more »

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It's like DV said on PulpMX, RC is the GOAT. There's no debate.

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If you're not on a fast lap, I think it's a lot less of a risk to just ride around the whoops. You could also be stuck in someone's way who is fully committed.

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Pass of the season!

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I used to think like that. I also thought that buying their games might help fund development. But I can't justify throwing cash at Milstone so they can ignore the most frequent and common complaints of their player base.

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There's been so little hype about this game. Has anyone played it yet? Is it another cut and paste / unfinished game?

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I was thinking the same thing. Why is the medic bolting in front of riders? But to be honest, the whole thing looks like a chain of minor fuck ups leading to Martin and the medic getting hit. Definitely can't blame one person or one thing. I know people ... more »

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It's ridiculously hard to meaningfully compare laptimes with dirt tracks. That's where there are no official lap records in motocross.

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He has. He roosted Deano because Deano almost stopped in the racing line and Roczen almost hit him.

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Are they not holding a press conference for Indy 3?

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I usually like a little banter between JT and Matthes but my god Matthes is unbearable this week. The way he hones in on the tiniest words that JT says makes him sound like an emotional teenage girl. I struggled to get through this one. ... more »

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Yeah man. His experience really showed. He was head and shoulders above the rest.