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Being in NorCal I really hope they come back to San Francisco, even if that means getting rid of the Oakland race. I hate that stadium and area. The new Levi stadium in Santa Clara is beautiful, super easy to get to, and lots of great stuff to do around ... more »

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Let us Vitards handle the cameras while they take their lunch! No charge, the sound & smell is payment enough for me.

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Yeah dude I'm pretty sure I remember your name, it was a great competitive 80 class we had in nor-cal back then. I jumped that catapult double and was pinned going into that next turn but realized at the last second my throttle was stuck. Tried to pull ... more »

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Yeah it's me

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I am so damn excited for this! The sound of a screaming 125 2 Stroke gives me goosebumps and a quick adrenaline spike. Any word yet on if this will be part of the TV broadcast or shown with NBC Gold?

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Yeah that's kind of what worries me. Don't want to get there and deal with the assholes standing in front of me the whole time or people not moving out of the way. I used to ride there 2-3 times a week before my accident but as a spectator now in a chair ... more »

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Anyone know how well the handicapped viewing is? I haven't been back in many years but heard it was all re-done. I'm considering going with my fiance and a few buddies from work but it's hard to beat relaxing at the house with my own drinks/snacks/bathroom ... more »

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Ok no fking fiance was watching Dr. Phil last weekend and it was an old episode from years ago about teenagers doing crazy stunts for youtube views.....THIS guy was on there!!! I recognize his dumbass attitude and way he talks. He was the ... more »

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HATED those baggy moto pants, those guys always seemed to be the worst riders too. I'll have to admit I was always cutting my jersey sleeves in summer though like Vohland. Wasn't really for looks, just felt really good on my arms.

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As a T-4 level paraplegic, if Aliens have the technology to get me walking again so I can ride again....I think that's worth a probe in my butt.

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If he lost his goggles then I'd give him an out. That's some serious shit to deal with during a race. Having a tear-off stuck to your grip...nope. This was him simply buckling under pressure and maybe pressing a little too hard on a very difficult track ... more »

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Dude...THIS!!!! Luckily my fiance and I have been together for over 3 years now so she understands my moods. I could be super quiet and sulky or irritable simply because I had a bad night racing MES online or like last week my work was supposed to have ... more »

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How about...Fk all that and just work on the tuff blocks playing online AND the constant blue screen of death killing our sessions?!?

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What I wanna know it supposed to look like Kermit spreading his ass open?

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haha ahhh man that's some dirty shit right there. I jumped on hella late last night and you guys were pretty much all gone so I said nevermind lol. I'm grabbing a 12 pack after work, I'll for sure hit the track online around 7:30pst tonight. The house ... more »

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I was paralyzed on a 85cc, granted I was pretty much WFO at the time but point is like Mav said, sometimes shit just happens. This is a very dangerous sport, I knew that all along. I accepted the risks. I got bit, the end. I had many other injuries before ... more »

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Yeah dude having joint brakes is awful. As soon as I turned joint brakes off (I also set my rear brake to L2) my lap times dropped significantly. I've had it sometimes turn joint brakes back on out of nowhere just like the stupid music playing while ... more »

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Too much shit to do after work lately but I was planning on racing tonight like around 7 or 7:30pm pst. Depending on how a few things go I'll either have nothing to do this weekend and will race online a lot or will spend the entire weekend packing to ... more »