Added reply in a thread How consistent are you? 7/22/2020 5:49 PM

My routine after arriving at the track seemed to always be the biggest factor. Practice days: Right when we arrived, I liked to immediately walk over to the track in my street clothes and watch for about 5 minutes. Look at the dirt, smell the burning ... more »

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If my 2 cents means anything... my fiance used to be a store manager for Bed Bath & Beyond about 5 years ago and every time that commercial comes on she comments on how the my pillow 'pillows' were by far the most returned item every month. And how ... more »

Added reply in a thread Anyone here build model cars? 7/22/2020 5:34 PM

I mostly build WW2 planes, ships, and tanks but I would be interested in some of those for the right price. Maybe a bundle deal? Email me Mostly interested in... 1) Warren Johnson pro stock car 2) STP Stock car 3) 66 Mustang ... more »

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My fiance is a huge horror movie buff. That movie "The Nun" is now on HBO and we watched it last weekend...absolute piece of shit. The trailer is deceiving and the CGI is unbearable. Terrible story and acting. Really looking forward to The Conjuring ... more »

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It's all about how much someone is willing to pay. I had the Jeremy McGrath RC bike back in like 2000, turning or driving it for more than 10 seconds was impossible. I pretty much just set up little jumps in a straight line and it was pretty cool. That ... more »

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2 races at Red Bud within 3 days? Hell yeah!!! Just not stoked to see no Hangtown on the list. I was totally ok with wearing a mask to go watch but if they won't allow spectators I guess I'm not missing out. Hangtown in the fall is a beautiful track ... more »

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He's had some awesome bikes too, including a killer trike he rode during the 'Some Kind of Monster" documentary and got pulled over on lol.

Added reply in a thread Where does Malcolm go? 7/13/2020 4:30 PM

If Mookie can't get a full Factory ride, that's a damn shame. This kid is fast as hell and works his butt off. Forget who his brother is, he's made a name for himself and deserves it. He has the talent, skill, and heart....2 of those you can't teach. ... more »

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I remember back in the late 90's my dad tore his getting caught in a rut...took a full year before he could ride again. Seems like with modern technology and surgical practices they can get you back to normal within 6 months. Like others have said, the ... more »

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More and more NBA players are testing positive and several big name MLB players refuse to play this new shortened season beginning in 2 weeks....the chances of us having even a limited outdoor season seems to be dwindling every day unfortunately. I for ... more »

Added reply in a thread NoToil as a filter oil? 7/13/2020 4:19 PM

It's been 20 years since I raced but I remember back then this was the only one we used. Granted - we had fresh ones after every moto or practice day but their performance back then was top notch, never had an issue.

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It's not a flaming jump with a shark pit in the's a long used difficult "professional level" obstacle that requires a very high level of skill and precision. IMO the dragons back is one of the most interesting and fun obstacles on a supercross ... more »

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Christina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil has always been my #1, great live performer as well. The chick from In This Moment is super hot with big cans but they are terrible live, possibly the worst show I've ever seen.

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As a native Chicagoan and lifelong diehard Bears fan, this makes me sick. We took TruBUSTsky with Mahomes & Watson on the board and now Mitch is 1 year away from being off the roster unemployed meanwhile Mahomes wins a SB and signs the biggest contract ... more »

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My work recently told us all to expect to work from home until January at least, maybe longer depending....I was expecting this news to come soon after and sure enough. This really sucks.

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I would definitely wanna give this thing a shot. Going to need a lap belt though cus I'll try to jump it for sure. Now if I could convince my insurance co that it's a "medical necessity" ...

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Why Bubba Wallace was assigned stall #4 Based on points standings and COVID-19 protocol = coincidence. I really wish he would just come out and say this was all a big misunderstanding at a very bad time and there is no conspiracy or racist action. I'm 100% for equality and hate that ... more »

Added reply in a thread Will the nationals actually go ahead? 6/25/2020 1:33 PM

I really wouldn't care if they raced 12 rds at 1 track. Those 2-3 hrs of racing are my escape from my real world problems and stresses. It's not like the results will be the exact same every time. Guys have good days and bad. Different bike setups, maybe ... more »

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Really hoping he takes the proper amount of time to fully heal and come back only when 100%. Who knows how this outdoor season will go or how many races but if he'll already be out of title contention he should focus on getting his body and mind in the ... more »

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I don't understand...they brought 15 FBI agents in to do an immediate investigation, concluded that no hate crime was committed, the rope was tied a year ago, he was randomly assigned to this garage so nobody could of known he would be in that exact ... more »