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I'm getting "Broadcast starting soon" on the app

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How good is the MXGP-TV feed, has thepackage increased quite a lot??

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I always find Duck Duck Go plays better, Chrome is often problematic

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Anyone else having problems? The NBC website always says its not available in the UK even though a VPN (previous thread didn't come up in search)

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Has anyone got anything on I think it was the Mini Olympics where him and Srijbos went at it? Pretty sure I remember this,could have been world championships? Edit,found a thread on it,Gaildorf 1999,first time I'd heard of him,incredibly fast,some footage ... more »

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Podium contender,with his lighting starts he'd no doubt have some wins,his race speed last week was legit comparing to the MX1 guys,but it would oepend on how he'd adapt Love to see it as always,likewise hopefully if we get a MXDN

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Barcia AC and Cooper,if Kawi won't support it then I think Anderson would go,fair play for him and Cooper previously taking it on,you need guys who want it afterall

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Fair play, Lupino can certainly give it the big 'un 😊

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I wonder if Lupino could even be a surprise,pretty good showing in Italy at the weekend and he can often get a start...Ferrandis over the season though for me to trouble the big players,can't wait to see how he goes

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His MXdN ride will have its rightful place in history and he can be insanely fast but yes it was on a factory ride and not just in Europe but in his homeland,Max explains how the track prep is so different from coast to coast and trying to overcome bike ... more »

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Any advice on this would be really appreciated, or if I could paypap it through someone etc please,I was reasoning something could be worked out in the next month with Peacock

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Nothing yet,I have a VPN too

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I remember hearing about this a while back too Meanwhile from Science Daily "Recent studies estimate that we use an astounding 129 billion face masks globally every month -- that is 3 million a minute. Most of them are disposable face masks made from ... more »

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Yes i was struggling with Peacock too, i have a VPN too, hopefully DC will get something together, cant wait 😉

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Great vids, who on earth votes down 😳

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Can anyone help me with another way to pay other than the GoFund me please?

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The GoFundme link gives me an error buy my payment details are 100% correct are there any other links please? A bank transfer would be even better Nearly 40k James needs this so much

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Gabapentin keeps my nerve pain at bay,200mg 3 times a day I'm a higher level ay C6/7 so right where the upper nerves to hands and arms are seriously affected too but Its been fine for years and not such a big deal if I miss taking them if I've left them ... more »

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What utter bollocks that is Max rode great,and to think they're learning as they go,he seriously needs and deserves some factory support

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Yep I'm in as always for tonight or morning where you guys are from Oz Fantastic that they managed to get a series in I was surprised that Fricke and Laguta missed out in the GP challenge last week for next years series,Fricke will need to finish strong ... more »