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Killer. Was that you parked along the entrance/exit road?

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Barry Carsten maybe?! Ha.

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Pretty sure the new app is coming out this Friday.. : )

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Many good vantage points but I like being at the bottom of Henry Hill. Directly across the street from the entrance there are a few private properties who offer 20$ parking. The free alternative is a 5-10 minute walk. Get there early and CLAIM some shade!!! ... more »

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On a laptop physically connected to LAN/WAN but practice link no worky. How T.F. is Loretta's able to PERFECTLY stream a week long event but we cannot see pro practice? Can't wait for the motos to start but feeling like I'll have to wait to see 'em... ... more »

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Dont have to read 'em to sell 'em!! : )

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Oh my! Prayers sent and will continue to do so.

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I know this is an AM event but the streaming is PRO quality!!! Hasn't skipped a beat.

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Was at Budds when Henry renamed the hill to "Henry Hill" (literally standing at the bottom and saw the whole thing) AND when he broke his arms in same place a year or so later. Also Budds, in '03 when Bubba returned from injury and decimated the field ... more »

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Yup. Crap shoot for sure

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Feel like A and J Martin also went 1-2 at Budds (17? or 18?). Did A.Mart get his first win in the rain that day?

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Total fucking joke

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thx for heads up

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. WTF?! I did my part, signed up and paid,....tested everything yesterday... Now, can't even login to your site. Enjoy your MDW everyone. SMH

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I'm blessed to repeatedly dream I'm riding Budds on Ricky's 04CRF 450. But, in my dream, it's sag is properly set and bars are not on the gas tank. Trust me, this Honda is legit, WhiteBros exhaust sounds trick and I've never bottomed out the suspenders. ... more »

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And why your next trip to the salad bar could be your last, coming up after the break.

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+1 for more card girl hip gyration ; )

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In addition a "motorcycle show" in some capacity. I've never been to this event but figured "why not." Anyone else going?

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Wow; crazy stat to digest. Last year the Ride Red team put in a hell of an effort on both classes. I see no reason why that momentum cannot continue into 2022. Hope 94 has his health and 23 his enthusiasm. As for the 250's, these kids are going to be ... more »