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Reply to Deegan cutting the track in the supermini 1 moto 2 at the mini o's. 12/1/2020 10:42 AM

He had all his body weight to the rear in a deep rut and lost balance, it happens.

Reply to Deegan cutting the track in the supermini 1 moto 2 at the mini o's. 12/1/2020 10:29 AM

You guy need to review the video closer. It clearly wasn’t on purpose, no one would ever be bold enough to do that on purpose. It occurred, now the only argument is whether he slowed down enough to justify reentering in the position that he did. He got ... more »

Reply to Your claim to fame 8/12/2020 2:05 PM

Unafuckindilla 2009, asked someone to hold my beer while I jumped my girlfriends pitbike off a 2x6 piece of lumber resting on a cooler. Sent that bad boy 30 ft into the flats on stock suspension, over a drunken teen and 50 gallon water drum. Upon landing

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Reply to 2017 CRF 450R slower than friends 8/7/2020 3:59 AM

Throttle has minimal slack, but enough to keep it from idling up. Any map, but I run it in aggressive mode. My friend runs his on the medium map and still has more torque. Don’t get me wrong it’s a 450 and still has power, but feels down on power compared ... more »

Reply to 2017 CRF 450R slower than friends 8/4/2020 7:06 PM

Motor, exhaust are bone stock. Never been opened up, same Honda 10-40 oil, same air filters and filter oil brand. I would have never thought anything of it. It rides fine, still fast but compared to my friends identical bike his feels like it has work. ... more »

Reply to Best moto video game? 3/18/2020 11:41 AM

I have the game and can’t make it 40ft without crashing. I bought a gaming computer just for these games, however have no knowledge of the simulators. For context I’ve played every console game and currently top 50 in Supercross 3, however I have to ... more »

Reply to Caption This 10/17/2018 12:57 PM

Dear diary, Sunny 86 degrees here in Socal. Americans lost the Des Nations and it was all my fault. Maybe Vuillemin is right, the practice tracks are too smooth. Dungey broke in his Redbull straight rhythm bike today and had faster lap times than Cooper. ... more »

Reply to Is it even motocross if? 9/30/2018 8:08 AM

Is it even motocross if you raced a pro rider who qualifies 35th at his local track in the plus 30X class and tell your coworkers you race against pros?

Reply to Milestone MX lights ruined in pointless and absurd vandalism 2/27/2018 5:30 AM

Are there homes in close proximity? I can imagine a local home owner not into moto doing something like this. Kicks his boots off and hears four strokes bouncing rev limiters all night. Also as an electrician I know they would be getting cents per pound ... more »

Reply to The bitching and moaning is at a all time high here 2/27/2018 5:24 AM

One thing is for sure, either everyone posts here after listening to the PULP show or the PULP show talks about posts made on Vital. All to often it is the same topics. Steve claims he doesn’t read vital, yet every other post seems to be a rant he made. ... more »

Reply to Cooper Webb 1/8/2018 8:03 AM

Is it common knowledge that AC hooked up with KROC girlfriend? Ive heard AC talk very highly about KROC when he was returning back to riding. I just cant picture the scenario as to how this went down. Ive never caught wind of this story, although Vital ... more »

Reply to This has to be the craziest whip I've ever seen 11/17/2017 5:56 AM

Why hasn't anyone done a flat 360 yet? These guys are half way there and have the momentum to carry through. The 360s, not to take anything away from them appear to be more on a backflip axis. I understand the difficultly, considering a double can can ... more »

Reply to Any New York / Long Island People? 11/8/2017 7:22 AM

Im on Long Island, now that every track is closed I maintain hope that Ronkonkoma 10th St Mx will reopen soon. There is a small niche private track for locals who have been involved in the Mx scene out east. As of now Im forced to commute to Etown or ... more »

Reply to Dealership pet peeves... 10/26/2017 8:50 AM

When you walk into the dealer looking for a specfic motocross bike and they say, no but we have the X model its the same thing. No dude its far from the same thing.

Reply to Who is ronnie mac 10/23/2017 12:04 PM

All I know is one time back when jimmy was busy running Superstore Suzuki, I seen Georgia over at Ronnie's house and I dont think they were looking for riders at the time.

Reply to Motocross track for sale 4/13/2017 6:40 AM

Dam I just bought a house on LI for that price and all I got was 1/3 acre and 11,000 in property tax.

Reply to Accurate statement about our skills? 3/20/2017 2:30 PM

This is being taken way out of context. I believe what he is stating is due to his ability to be competitive on a motocross bike, that puts him in the 5th percentile out of a compilation of anyone who rides any kind of motorized vehicle. Road races, ... more »

Reply to Pro Taper Forum Fantasy Round 6, Arlington 2/9/2017 7:41 AM

450. 1. Tomac 2. Dungey 3. Anderson 250. 1. Plessinger 2. Hill 3. Davalos

Reply to GPS locator 2/3/2017 9:18 AM

Some how when my buddy's s new 2017 YZ125 was stolen by the local "Wheelie Boys" it ended up under his truck about a week later...... His friends call him 9 finger charley now

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Reply to Pro Taper Forum Fantasy Round 5, Oakland 2/1/2017 1:33 PM

450 1. Dungey 2. Tomac 3. Anderson 250 1. Hill 2. Mcelrath 3. plessinger