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Added a comment about video Brian Deegan - Bloodline 10/17/2018 11:50 AM

Going to check this out now. Awesome to see 3 different version of motorsports in one family dynamic. Winter X, Summer X, Monster Trucks, Supercross, Crusty, Rally, Pro Trucks what else hasn’t this guy done.

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Added a comment about video Monster Energy Supercross: The Video Game - San Diego & Las Vegas Gameplay 1/24/2018 7:11 AM

If only Milestone and Thq could get on the same page. Mx vs atv you can scrub so hard you 360 and then in this game you cant manipulate the bike at all. MXGP would be so much better if the pro physics allowed more body input. It is so obvisous to me and anyone who rides. They need a riding consultant for game physics. Mad skills has more leg swag then this game. Dont ask a pro rider either, they dont have enough time to play video games. Graphics or physics when deciding which game to buy this year. I know they have been working on their whip physics, yet it still isnt determined by lean angle off the face. This is pretty bad footage considering he didn’t get through a single rhythm. Looks like Ronnie Mac before he learned to ride straight rhythm with a little coaching from jimmy.

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Added a comment about news blog James Stewart Releases Statement About Future 1/7/2017 7:03 AM

I truly hope he comes back and conquers all! So quickly we forget the footprint he left in this sport and jump to criticism .Im at fault for releasing my frustrations with his recent endeavors, although I hope he comes out and shuts us all up in a historical fashion.

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Added a comment about video Chad Reed: A Hero Returns - Full Documentary 1/5/2017 7:02 AM

Im not a Reed fan, but great story

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Added a comment about video Onboard: Challen Tennant - 2016 Mini O's 1/2/2017 4:52 PM

This has definitely been sped up, maybe just to get the moto in.

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Added a comment about video The Story of 6D Helmets: Public Awareness & Testing with GEICO Honda 12/29/2016 9:55 AM

Wow just bought MIPS, wish I spring for the 6D

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