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For off road racing (Baja and Best In The Desert) I have been using a system that uses a 5 watt radio with the speakers and mic that slips into your helmet without any drilling. There are a few companies that sell these and they are all basically the ... more »

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For me, the MXA testing is first class and it is the one magazine test I give most credibility too because they put so much work and testing into it. I agree the tardiness of their test this year was way off and we are already thinking about the 2019 ... more »

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Hand Down! I'm old and raced three moto formats as a kid so very familiar with this. I also watched the evolution of Supercross to one main event per class. I was at A2 yesterday and was there all day. The show started at 6:30pm PST and it was painful ... more »

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I have it and I get FS1 and FS2. Wish it was less expensive but it is what it is. Yes, you can record any show and play it back at your leisure. Great quality and very seldom are there problems with the streaming.

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First of all it's Herlings with an "L". Second of all after JH and TC there is NOT a big drop off of speed/talent. Lastly the Euros are at a higher level than in the USA overall! Our fastest American is probably Tomac... when he is "on" he is fast enough ... more »

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Max Nagl's season 2018 is secured! Weilheimer will be competing in the MXGP World Championship as TM works driver next season. "Finally I can get back to the season preparation and my training program," Nagl told "The last few weeks have ... more »

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Seriously, if you have ambitions of achieving the goal of becoming a professional Motocross/Supercross guy then go with the four stroke. This is what the manufacturers are focused on and even though a two stroke makes more power per cc and is a lot of ... more »

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#1. Dealers need to start looking at internet pricing and match this, at the very least! Why do I need to drive to your location when I can sit in the comfort of my home and place my order? Your overhead isn't my problem. #2. Sales people that don't ... more »

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AGREE COMPLETELY!! The MEC was GREAT and the only downside is guys risking getting hurt before January. The upside of $$$ makes it worth the risk as this is why these guys race!!

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No... can't agree! Split start was creative and exciting!! Track was awesome!! Change in the Joker lane was on point! Loved every minute of it!! Only wish Herlings and Hunter Lawrence entered!

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The MEC was GREAT! The track was great!!! RC did a great job!!! The announcers did a great job!!!!! This is a bad ass race and 7 years ago I thought it was a one time deal... now I look forward to it every year!!!!! Great Job Monster and everyone that ... more »

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Cameron, as mentioned in other posts, is older now and unfortunately will be getting older on a daily basis. He knows his shit and is a great announcer!! Now... the black hair die is killing me but I get it! I'm a little insulted that "old guys" can't ... more »

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I agree! Jordan was right up front in all three heats! I for one did not expect him to perform as well as he did. Also, you can't deny Marvin was on it!! He has stepped up his game and has risen to take over Dungey's spot!! Tomac has his work cut our ... more »

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I agree. I have had good luck with Play Station Vue on the Fire TV. I tried before with Kodi to get FS1 and FS2 but it was always unreliable. I watched the MEC on Fox Sports Go at my cabin and it worked perfectly!! The comercials are different than what ... more »

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Nice that Kenda realized this was a defect and willing to step up to replace the tire. This is what it is! It's NOT that a knobby was used on the road, It's not that the guy burned up the tire on the road! Plain and simple, a defect.

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WOW... complaining for "years"? He was the champ in 2014 and was hurt in 2015 and 2016. He complained about himself as being hurt and not able to compete and searching for a way to get back he experimented with the 350/450. He's healthy now and riding ... more »

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All hail the KING! :-)

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Me too... feel the same!! I paid $145.00 to watch the MXGPs so the $50.00 is awesome!!