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Started new thread Any experience with All Sport Dynamics? 12/20/2017 8:35 AM

Does anybody on here use the All Sport Dynamics wrist braces? I shattered my wrist a few years ago and was in the process of getting my wrist sizes taken for the custom fit, but kind of just never pulled the trigger on getting them made. I'm ready for ... more »

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Added reply in a thread Quads To Race In Supercross 2018 12/20/2017 8:31 AM


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Added reply in a thread Anybody moto with a partial wrist fusion? 12/15/2017 6:58 AM

If there is one thing this post has taught me, its to be thankful that when I shattered my wrist, it was my clutch hand and I only lost about 40% movement. Oh and it also taught me to BUY SOME DAMN WRIST BRACES


Added reply in a thread Let me see your graphic kit! 12/14/2017 7:11 AM

Thanks dude!

Added reply in a thread Reed 2018 Support Thread-Official 12/14/2017 6:41 AM

I have to say, I think it's funny that all the people that think he doesn't have a chance to win or top 5 or anything are the dudes that are open about how they don't like him or are not fans. I know it is only 2 races, but look at Phoenix and Vegas ... more »

Added reply in a thread Let me see your graphic kit! 12/11/2017 10:36 AM

By all means man, thanks! They don't have this kit on their website so you'd have to call them on it. I did everything over the phone with them, super good service.

Added reply in a thread Let me see your graphic kit! 12/11/2017 10:13 AM

Had www.motoprographics.com do these up for me. Kind of hard to tell in this photo, but the main shroud logo is chrome

Added reply in a thread How many of you ride with plates and screws? 12/7/2017 2:15 PM

I shattered my left wrist in December of 2014 and had a plate and nine screws put in permanently, and have been back on a bike since September 2015. I don't race or do anything super gnarly, but I ride track and desert fairly often and have ... more »

Added reply in a thread Friday Morning Digest! (New Weekly Post) 12/1/2017 8:37 AM

The things I would do to see a Tomac/Herlings Southwick showdown...

Added reply in a thread Vote for me in the 2017 Pulpys? Ha... 12/1/2017 6:29 AM

Got you for best media personality! Hey ML, where is the best place to contact you about wrist braces? I read your review on the Mobius X8 and had a few questions.

Added reply in a thread Dangerboy Deegan 11/28/2017 7:20 AM

You must not have seen the interview with Deegan where he talks about how hes not letting Haiden get into that 'rebel-without-a-cause' mentality' you speak of, due to the reputation Brian had years ago. He's done a great job of raising his kids with ... more »

Added reply in a thread If Deegan spun off a.... 11/22/2017 7:30 AM

#rideredgethead #sohornyimblind

Added reply in a thread What did Dean Wilson hit? 11/22/2017 7:05 AM

The ramp was at Aus X Open, I dont think Paris had a ramp.

Added reply in a thread NHL question from the uninformed 11/20/2017 2:37 PM

Coming from a ducks fan, I would say to go to the ducks/kings game at Honda Center. Honda Center is a really nice arena, honestly not a single bad seat in the house. Staples Center is pretty big and at a top row seat, you really do feel pretty far. Plus ... more »

Added reply in a thread JS7 Seven MX Honda 11/16/2017 10:13 AM

EVERYONE STAY CALM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qgET1Zhpb8

Added reply in a thread Results Night 2 Aus-X open 11/13/2017 9:30 AM

I can agree with that. However I would not be mad to see Ronald Mac either. Amateur racing should be badass! And anything is better than that Toyota crap. Even the wiener dog races.

Added reply in a thread Results Night 2 Aus-X open 11/13/2017 7:46 AM

Supercross fans in attendance for years have complained (rightfully so) about the stupid Toyota promotion they do inbetween races at every SX. AUS X OPEN switches it up and gives fans something that they could actually pay attention to and be excited ... more »

Added reply in a thread KTM clutch cover 11/9/2017 2:35 PM

In the future, keep a lookout on ebay. I got lucky enough to score this gem off some dude on ebay, he had access to a bunch of TwoTwo shit at the end of the year/ when the team shut down. Stoked on

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Added reply in a thread On The Pipe 7 Movie Premier w/Fitz Army Unwritten Law & Larry Linkogles New Band "The F#ckss" 11/9/2017 7:18 AM

BY FAR the best moto movie I've ever watched. The train gap scene with Katsandris' crash followed up with Raha going around the police to stomp it right in front of them was one of the most badass things I've seen. Huge credit to Schweitzer and everyone ... more »

Added reply in a thread Post your favorite pictures of you riding! 10/20/2017 8:40 AM

Loose corner at Cahuilla