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So Hill and DirtShark dislike each other now? Does DS get along with any of those dudes anymore? For what its worth, Ive ran into DS a few times in public and hes always given me the time of day... Ran into Hill in Newport Beach, said "Hey thats Josh ... more »

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They used to be owned by Troy Lee when Seven first started. Maybe a year or two after, they branched off on their own.

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Saw another update on him yesterday... had movement up to like 45 degrees in one leg, a little less in the other, and nothing in his arms still. I guess he woke up yesterday morning with complete paralysis, and since then has only been able to regain ... more »

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Also, I know JB Marada was working for the brand, idk what his title was but I think he was high up in Alias, and he isnt with the company anymore. Saw on buttery's instagram that he was wearing Thor now.

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Call or and ask them if thats something they can do for you. I'm sure they can, they make custom exhaust stickers and everything too so I cant imagine gold lettering is not possible!

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When you come up to the top of the dune, don't go straight over the top. ride parallel with the dune at the top to make sure there isnt a witches eye on the backside... no sand rails coming flying up the same dune.... etc. You have to ride with a flag

... more »
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At A1 he qualified what, 2nd? Won his heat, led laps in the main, beat 94.... followed it up with a matching 3rd place in Houston.... I think its pretty deserving of the good word considering there were a handful of races where Barcia was getting lapped and 16th place finishes last year. Especially when he was supposed to be a full privateer

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You can find me in the stands along first base line not missing a minute of qualifying

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Probably one of the worst wrist injuries ive seen. Best of luck to you man. Just bought myself a Mobius brace, if theres a dealership near you that has them in stock, go try one on. Theyre actually pretty comfortable. Have yet to ... more »
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The big thing that UFC has the edge on over supercross is the fact that the can actually talk shit and run their mouths, due to the fact that the biggest events are on PPV. Theyre allowed to swear and say whatever they want, where as SX riders are forced ... more »

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Alias. Paid somewhere around $180 for jersey, pants, gloves, and jersey personalization. And the quality is very good. Soft, comfortable jerseys and very durable. Have worn the same set for a full year and havent had a hole or anything. Great company. ... more »

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If its not a huge pain in the ass to go to the box office, believe it or not I got my A1 tickets for the cheapest there. Spent $135 on 3 tickets right above homeplate, lower few rows of 500 level. No "convenience charge" or stupid fees, $45 per ticket. ... more »

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We complain about boring rider interviews and getting the same answers on the podium every weekend, so I love seeing interviews like this. It makes it interesting as opposed to "yeah got a good start, bikes working great, we had a good offseason etc." ... more »

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Thanks for all the help guys!

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Thank you for the input, Eddie. This has helped a lot.

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Same, i shattered my radius, chipped my ulna and displaced my left wrist, took like 10 months to recover. I think that's what I'm afraid of, if I remember correctly those custom ones are a bit more pricey than the Mobius. I don't want to spend that time ... more »

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Does anybody on here use the All Sport Dynamics wrist braces? I shattered my wrist a few years ago and was in the process of getting my wrist sizes taken for the custom fit, but kind of just never pulled the trigger on getting them made. I'm ready for ... more »

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