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I think we found Eli-superfan Dylan's burner account.

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I shattered the tip of my radius along with broken tip of ulna and displaced wrist, had a pin sticking out for 1 month - I couldnt get back on the bike until 11 months after. Back and forth between soft/hard casts and a brace for 5 months... maybe I'm ... more »

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Jackson Strong or Raha for the win

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Chicken's kid is the one who gave Damon the ride back to the pits. Chicken rode Damon's bike back.

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Took me a few times reading through this to figure out that 'getting pissed' is the Aussie way of saying drunk hahaha! Thanks for all of the input and suggestions here men. I do not plan on having any bull shark encounters, I do plan on seeing the city

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yeah man I will be coming with 3 of my close friends! Ill be looking to basically see some cool shit , harbour bridge opera house all that good stuff during the day and then get hammered at night

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Aussies, I could use some help here. Going to be coming from California to Australia for the Aus X Open and will be in Melbourne for 3 nights. Then flying to Sydney for 3 nights, then to Brisbane for 3 nights and staying in Gold Coast. Ive got a few ... more »

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The blacked out with teal weedmaps/fasthouse stuff Bereman wore before Red Bull is in my top 3 favorites from head to toe

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I am all for any game that doesnt seem to have the tuff blocks cemented in place and impossible to get yourself off of....

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This fucking guy dude. Have a real hard time believing its "just residual". Odd to think that the NSAC wouldnt sanction the fight if its just "residual of a pinch in an Olympic sized pool" right? I do not buy it for one second, the guy will never have ... more »

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You know who else forms opinions by "reading between the lines"? CNN. Fake news. I am all for Gasjer coming to USA for more competition, but you are crazy if you think he is going to come here and just beat Tomac. No offense to him, but the guy went ... more »

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Yeah because legitimate personality is something you can actually judge off a models IG account...

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1) Definitely go on an off weekend. Glamis gets so busy on holiday weekends, I personally think it is way too dangerous. 2) Stay on gecko road, way cleaner than the washes. Staying on gecko will put you closer to the larger dunes, where as staying on ... more »

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Honestly I wouldn't base my helmet decision off of a good deal. Especially if you're coming from a Shoei. If it were me, I would go with whats proven, Shoei, 6D, Bell, Arai, etc. dont want to put a price tag on my head/brain. Maybe call around and see ... more »

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I feel like this is a bit of wishful thinking... minus the webb ktm and savatgy kawi parts.

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You must not care if we win or not on home soil then

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So Hill and DirtShark dislike each other now? Does DS get along with any of those dudes anymore? For what its worth, Ive ran into DS a few times in public and hes always given me the time of day... Ran into Hill in Newport Beach, said "Hey thats Josh ... more »

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They used to be owned by Troy Lee when Seven first started. Maybe a year or two after, they branched off on their own.