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2018 supercross for the 450's was ROUGH.

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Sounds like thats the plan. Looks like layovers are needed to get to South Bend from any airport but way worth avoiding the pain and suffering that I'm sure comes with Chicago O Hare and city traffic. Thanks man

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Travel question for those of you who have been already, sorry to switch from camping topic... is Chicago better to fly into that South Bend? First timer to Red Bud for me and the boys and just want to try the most convenient route.

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Not that far back in time but the unbelievable Vegas '17 Osborne/Savatgy takeout and Tomac bunching. Never seen a stadium of grown adults (including myself) lose their shit quite like they did when Osborne sawed his front wheel off. Convinced I'll never ... more »

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Can thor just stop with the animal gear? The Prime line up is really good but every year with this cat and shark stuff and now wolf kit, its just is just bad in my opinion and puts a bad taste in my mouth for them haha.

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All of these kids, amateurs, pros etc. all have social media. That is where EVERYTHING is going. We see all of these kids post promotional shit for their sponsors every single day, which I would argue is way more visible than any podium speech. If I ... more »

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Have to think its what Mallott was saying on Pulp last year for what they were permitted to do in 2020... on the sand in HB... I hope thats the case!

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Pretty sure Deegan said on gypsy tales that Haiden wouldn't be going pro for another 3+ years or something. I'd think zero chance hes at A1 in 2022 or 2023 if I remember correctly.

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Dude that was up there as one of the gnarliest crashes and broken bones I have seen. The way his leg was contorted when he stopped rolling....

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I think we found Eli-superfan Dylan's burner account.

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I shattered the tip of my radius along with broken tip of ulna and displaced wrist, had a pin sticking out for 1 month - I couldnt get back on the bike until 11 months after. Back and forth between soft/hard casts and a brace for 5 months... maybe I'm ... more »

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Jackson Strong or Raha for the win

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Chicken's kid is the one who gave Damon the ride back to the pits. Chicken rode Damon's bike back.

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Took me a few times reading through this to figure out that 'getting pissed' is the Aussie way of saying drunk hahaha! Thanks for all of the input and suggestions here men. I do not plan on having any bull shark encounters, I do plan on seeing the city

... more »
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yeah man I will be coming with 3 of my close friends! Ill be looking to basically see some cool shit , harbour bridge opera house all that good stuff during the day and then get hammered at night

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Aussies, I could use some help here. Going to be coming from California to Australia for the Aus X Open and will be in Melbourne for 3 nights. Then flying to Sydney for 3 nights, then to Brisbane for 3 nights and staying in Gold Coast. Ive got a few ... more »

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The blacked out with teal weedmaps/fasthouse stuff Bereman wore before Red Bull is in my top 3 favorites from head to toe

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I am all for any game that doesnt seem to have the tuff blocks cemented in place and impossible to get yourself off of....

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This fucking guy dude. Have a real hard time believing its "just residual". Odd to think that the NSAC wouldnt sanction the fight if its just "residual of a pinch in an Olympic sized pool" right? I do not buy it for one second, the guy will never have ... more »