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Not a swamp moto fan, but I really like this format. Well done.

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I don't see any SX racing happening in CA. This state is so jacked up. We are on this phased system right now and all the phase don't allow fans at sporting events.

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Best prices are usually found in LA, but good luck finding leftover inventory this year. KTM is known to produce low inventory numbers, so they dont have left over units each year. With COVID most shops have little to no inventory. Great time to own ... more »

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Fully agree. You want to have the points lead every round because you don't know when people will go covid crazy again.

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WA protests maybe? Could have nothing to do with Covid. The problem is Covid can be a catch all for everything now.

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I agree with your statement. I would own a suzuki if it had electric state. I personally don't want to kick a bike anymore.

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One of the Pala raceway pro day videos had some interesting FXR gear. Colorway I have never seen. Looking to see if I can find it again.

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Bad cast or gasket. A kawi I got a few years ago was that way, noticed it when I got home. Just take it back to the dealer, should be a free repair covered by Husky.

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I am a big fan of not buying the first year of cars, bikes, etc. Getting the second year of a generation helps remove some of the small issues. I would go with the YZ for that reason.

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Jump Rope. Check out the jump rope dudes on youtube. I was going to the gym 7 days a week before covid. When the gyms closed I had to figure something out, so I started jumping rope. I am in decent shape and still saw solid results. I started at just ... more »

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A lot of people liked the 18 or the 19. People complained that the 19 frame was too ridged compared to the 18.

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I was in good shape, but would get arm pump really easy. I started doing 30-45 mins of jump rope a day and that has helped a lot. Check out the jump rope dudes on youtube for workouts. I started using weighted ropes as well. With covid my local gym was/is ... more »

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Nice gear but... that model has some of the worst tattoos I’ve ever saw in my life lmao. Seriously when did it become cool to cover yourself in tiny random purposely shit tattoos anyway?

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I went all in and it was about $1,900 after shipping, but I had to get a new spring, added the xtrig, and got the microfinish. Cutting those item out would bring it down to $1,450 shipped.

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I really like my pro pegs.

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If they would just add e-start. Bike sales would spike. I believe a lot more people would consider the bike if it had that update.

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Well Ping, I’m glad you finally gave more detail on your fallout with Matthes. Not that you care what I think, but unfortunately being in the media limelight as you are, you can’t get away with only giving small details on something like this without getting backlash. It sounds like you were taking the high road but it came out the...more

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Have you had time to ride the kreft stuff? I know with everything closed till last weekend it was hard to find places to ride.

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Thank you, I did not know if you have to Velcro it down or something since the box is a little smaller. Have you used twisted developments ten pre-made maps or did you have your bike dynoed? If you did use the pre-made maps, what map did you like most? ... more »