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Thanks for recommending MX Vice! We'll be at every round from this point on (we just missed Argentina) and will be stepping up our podcasts really soon...

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Seeing as it's relevant, I interviewed Ben shortly after his latest injury and he said there was no chance of him returning to racing at the highest level.

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Yeah, Webb isn't racing. He said in our MX Vice podcast last night that he doesn't know where that rumour came from.

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He broke his collarbone in Germany last year too, but won a moto in Sweden just two weeks later. I doubt this will have any impact on his series lead at all, let alone his ability to win the title. One thing I question though is whether he compensates ... more »

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He went quite in-depth with it in my podcast this week...

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I did a magazine feature on Tim at the end of last year and touched on his background, growing up in Slovenia etc. Magazine link's here, if you want to have a quick read:

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I don't normally drop links here but, seeing as it's relevant to the topic, I did a podcast with Herlings in France where he talked about silly season, deciding what to do in 2017 and a few other things. ... more »

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Sanayei looks much better than he did at Valkenswaard - he was pretty solid in all the sessions today. Covington is injured, as others have said, and will be out for a little bit. He broke his ankle before round three, but was pushing through the pain ... more »

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Yeah, that was the rumour. I asked HRC general manager Roger Harvey about it in my post-race podcasts in Qatar, and he said it was nothing more than a rumour. He was beat up, but there was no injury to speak of. ... more »

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Yeah, Christian confirmed that in my interview with him on Saturday night. Also said that if he wins the championship, he'll be bumped out of the class.

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For some reason, there's a part of me that really believes Anderson will win A1. I'm not confident enough to actually pick him though... 1. Roczen 2. Anderson 3. Dungey 4. Canard 5. Tomac

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It's based on your age as of January 1st. Interesting note: Romain Febvre's birthday is on December 31st, so he was one day away from staying down in MX2 this year...

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On paper it was the best season of his career, yeah. If you dig a little deeper though, he was a disappointment. One overall win and a bunch of average results (even before the injury) meant a lot of people were wondering what was up with him.

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Do impressed me in Lille - he's got a good style. It'll be interesting to see how he does, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him beat Desprey consistently.

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Great move by the promoters to get him there - I'd bet RC will be asked to do a lot more stuff like this in the future. I'll admit it, I thought the head-to-head races would be boring. I didn't think RC would get close, but I couldn't have been more ... more »

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We, MX Vice, were at the show all week. We put some of the best bits in our gallery... I went to EICMA for the first time last year. It's certainly something special and worth checking out, especially if you're into the road stuff as well...

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Opening ceremonies begins at 7pm local time so, yeah, just under three hours...

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That's actually not the section they're doing the triple, quad in (it's the straight before). No one has even attempted that jump after Mookie cased it!

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Hate promoting my own stuff on here, but seeing as it applies to the topic and may be of interest to a lot of you. I've interviewed both Valentin Guillod and Tim Mathys (team manager) since the split. Pretty interesting comments from both guys, and seems there's a little more ... more »

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I heard from a very, very good source that Bud could potentially have Sanayei beneath their tent, racing 250SX West then EMX250.