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Tony readily admits on a number of interviews they should have done things differently. Things like actually training for supercross and riding for certain teams. Their focus was so heavy on amatuer motocross that they were way behind for pro racing. ... more »

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I'm on a budget at the moment other wise I'd just buy some aftermarket ones. I have an 04 rm but the yearsbim looking for have a better offset, and the adjustable bar mounts

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Just what the title says. Looking for OEM triple clamps for 05-07 rm125 or 04-08 rm250

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I noticed you went back to am 03 from brake. I had an 03 yz anfew.years back and swapped out for the master off of an 08 model and its a.big improvement

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Can you go into more detail regarding the forks? Which is clamps? Dis you use a yamaha hub and spacers?

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im looking at pistons for a 125, can anyone tell me what the difference is going to be? Wiseco doesnt have any information as to the differences

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most of these are what i was thinking Most of the 2006 and 2007 250 races were awesome 2006 and 2007 450 specifically where JS7 and RC4 went at it...legendary 2004 Las vegas 125 followed by 2004 Hangtown

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the Shad Pad sand bar out behind estreet/MMX is Always open.

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I called a local shop the other day in Norcal. sale price was 5995+tax+title+fees etc came out to 7500 OTB

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it might be worth it to know if the bottom end parts are solid

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some of the issues i noticed from the 1st year to last year that i feel kept some riders away. A. didnt own their own 125 and had to borrow a bike or buy one cheap B. the entry fee for a 4 lap exhibition was noted by many riders as a major drawback. ... more »

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A lot of the riders complain about the massive amounts of racing and training they do and how they dont have time to do XYZ. Im sure many guys feel they should keep grinding so as not to be behind once the racing starts again but a part of me feels that ... more »

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there sounds like there are a number of ways this could play out. 1. they could play double headers at the last rounds or 2. run some midweek races or 3. even work with MXSports to scoot the outdoors to the right or mix in some SX rounds during the outdoors ... more »

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could they just cancel the round altogether ala 2003 outdoors when Troy kept getting flooded? and the series only ended up being 11 rds

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@Ping ive been off of 250's for a while and the weight of a 450 gets me as i get tired. Are the newer 250's good enough to stay off a 450? it looks like stock theyre running about 15% more hp than they were 10 years ago and im sure pipe and cam will ... more »

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alessi wouldnt be a bad fit as he has no ties, if he was still on Kawi in Canada he would be a decent fit. i could see him at JGR, hes been racing regularly, and as long as he just shows up and makes the mains who cares at that point. bowers would definitely ... more »

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man with all the crashes this weekend at Arlington, im surprised more guys dont add a little more protection to their bodies. I dont believe i rolling out in every piece thats available or forcing riders to wear something they feel will impair their ... more »

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He most likely got tight and slowed down. Its not uncommon for guys who get out front and are not used to the leaders pace to tighten up and get arm pump.

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James is back as 259! Found my lead pipe lock of the week

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i bought one a few years back when Oneal was selling them. Good jersey