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its been a topic for many years. the gulf region has been deemed too hot and humid and has presented itself as a health risk for riders to be out for 2 motos. when they ran florida it was during spring but when they raced in texas during june some riders ... more »

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Welcome to racing. Excitement ebbs and flows. Can't manufacture a perfect battle every weekend

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when fox sold the retro bradshaw gear from 2004 that stuff sold out quick.

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I havent heard but will any teams be at local dealers for autographs near Sacramento?

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nice find. Any memorabilia from any top level rider is a must have

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is the shock good enough for SX and it just hasnt been tested enough to use effectively? seems like since its design was so far from what ppl are used to no one spent any real time testing them at JGR or HEP

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im going with Anderson. He is riding better than ever and is coming off of a hot streak in supy'. I look to his confidence to keep the ball rolling while Eli babies a tender knee i believe Cairoli will suprise a lot of people and can see him getting ... more »

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i think the main risk revolved around getting a paycheck. if its at least a mechanic and a bike with parts that goes far for a privateer

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buy the complete GYTR head kit. itll pump up the motor a bit more across the board or even do a 270 bb kit

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Historically, many riders complain about the outdoors following a long sx season and when given the option they run SX only. With the World sx coming and conflicting with the mx series there is already interest in running ama sx and World sx only for ... more »

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its rough watching others live out your dreams

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per pulpmx and Davey coombs, there has been talks between GH and MXsports about working together again and about changing the second Pala to glen helen. However, at this point Pala has the contract for Pala 2 and would have to agree to release the contract ... more »

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If your already big muscle wise focus on lighter weights and hiit cardio. More muscle means your body uses more energy (hence why marathon runners are skinny anemic fucks) Other cardio you can do is biking or swimming especially for low impact on your ... more »

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newer 250fs can pull bigger dudes around. Keefer testing did a video last year with a GYTR Yz250f that Norcal Zeb Armstrong was ripping and hes about the same size. id get the yz250f and upgrade the motor

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only 1500 units?? wow surprisingly low. I remember in the 2000's honda was selling 100k crf450s. didnt realize it was that bad for suzuki

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motocross people dont have politicians on their payrolls and amazon has deep pockets

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this isnt surprising, theyve shown this on the prius before. the cost to mine, transport and assemble the battery, then the car parts being built all over the world and assembled produce a ton of emissions in countries that have far less restrictions ... more »

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i wouldnt buy into anything until product is on the shelves

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that seems like a reasonable lineup and not much of a stretch for them. both riders were already on KTM's but just need a gear change

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i dont know why he hasnt been pick up. going into the outdoors i would have picked him over the others (no offense to them) just ansite is a podium threat and the others are maybe 7-10 threats