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Chad is a guy who has to have his bike 'just right'. if he has only just started testing and still cant ride much with a busted ankle... it COULD happen. I think a win is possible, but he has to 100%. and i couldnt tell you what round that will come ... more »

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i hope not. this sport has been plagued for the last 25 years with riders being too consistent and dominant.(MC2, RC4, RV2 RD5) between those 4 they have all but 5 titles since 1993. hopefully the current crop of 450 that moved up in the last 8 years ... more »

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YES.. this is a racing sport, not WWF or Monster Jam. nothing wrong with keeping the same format. NFL and Baseball seem to think their format still works after so many years.

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most of daniels point revolved around simply saying "it will be better" yes better, just like the "change" we got with obama He even mentions at one point "yes the chase wont change the overall winner, the best guy will still win" this right here is ... more »

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yep in fact i think Bills pipes sells these kind of pipes for best power at high speeds everything needs to be smooth, hence why porting and POLISHING the intake and exhaust are important. same thing with the intake tracts and the exhaust pipe. if you ... more »

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Thats a bummer that this is how he had to go. It would've been nice to see him race a little more. Another talented rider who was hurt to much to connect.

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maybe it looks slow, but these guys were pushing their bikes as fast as they can. just like they do today

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ya i dont care anymore. if he wanted to be here....well he'd be here.

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RC left Kawi because their 250 at the time was not as good Honda's and honda has arguably always had the best program. JS7 i suspect he left due to his Red Bull sponsorship and also his desire to race SX only which San Manuel Yamaha offered RV, i dont ... more »

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why are you getting second bike? more fun? extra bike? a 125 is the very opposite of a 450. a 450 you can relax almost the whole way around a track and get through any turn and get over any jump. a 125 you have to be on it the whole waaaay. there is ... more »

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To me a headcase is someone who is too easily affected by conditions changing. like they can only do well if XYZ happens. the track is too rutted, too dry, suspension is too off, i have hangnail, my butt itches. someone also who keeps searching for that ... more »

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sounds like the series is hanging on...just. If the announcement isnt hollow, it could mean the series might stay alive with some sponsor dollars coming in(not unlike Reedys team)

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i think its a good idea. even if just one set of turns, basically just folding the course in half would make spectating nicer

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its a toss up. both suffer from the similiar problem of too much talent and not enough drive. their talent and skill make sx come easy to them so they dont need to "work" as hard or have to grit it out for a ride. its the same story with Josh Hansen. ... more »

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I like that video for the reason that people today get all goo goo eyed over someone doing a quad. really it comes down to jump design and the factory 250's had a lot of power

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hangtown mx. narrow track, steep hills, manmade jumps. the hills make the track difficult and its always littered with some sketchy jumps

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he has a point. The purse payouts that the promoters offer havent changed with the economy. I remember reading back in 03 about purse money and its the same amount. Back in 03 it was ok? meh, but now with expensive bikes and higher costs of living it ... more »

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i dont think its too far fetched an idea. Supercross is increasingly being looked at as a "show" not a true motor-sport competition. the idea of the promoter company contracting its "performers" like monster jam or UFC. After the sanctioning body sold ... more »

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the only aspect i enjoy about the 3 mains. is its just like the 2 moto format in outdoors. every race "counts" but as far as a night show having races.....meh last year you had 4 heats, 2 semis 2 lcqs and 2 mains. it was over 2 physical hours of race ... more »

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davi started in 2006. he won the 250 east then switched to 450 outdoors. partly due to riders crashing out he finished 3rd that year. He reminds me a lot of Kevin windham, a lot of style and talent...and not enough luck to get a national title. but he ... more »