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ive used it over the years. biggest thing that sticks out is durability and styling isnt too bad recently

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with same rider, more than likely you'll turn a faster lap on a 250f. its simply easier to be smooth and consistent and you wont struggle on big jumps or deep loam

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a few highlights from the races plus a few words about each moto i think wouldnt be bad. like the REM Reports from MXA. i like reading those and im not even from socal

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i would think that it comes down to being able to afford your daily expenses while spending on riding. if you have no responsibilities other than to yourself i dont see no harm in it. heck might as well move out, get a moto van, put all your items in ... more »

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its definitly hard to step away for any amount of time in this sport but im always happy to see a rider take time off to heal. it would be nice to see the industry shift to allow a bit more time in between series and time training. any other sport trains ... more »

Started new thread 2004 rm125 motor Insights help needed 8/8/2020 5:12 PM

I'm working on an on 04r rm125. Does anyone know any upgrades I can make to the bike outside of the obvious ones? such as pipe/silencer/ reed block/p&p/bb? I've heard I can use an 05 governor to improve response, what about 05-07 cdi? What other ... more »

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Started new thread Iso rm125 2004 VORTEX ignition 8/8/2020 1:19 PM

Looking for vortex ignition for 04 rm125. New or used

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every time i hear of team yamaha there seems to be a major disconnect of what the riders need and what they will do for them. they seem to have more limitations than privateer teams, as it seems, their way of business is very narrow minded and not centered ... more »

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you can stay in lincoln or Roseville, these are relatively safe citys if you're concerned. theyre about a half hour south

Started new thread Guy builds 'Ultralight Cr500af' sub ~200lbs! 8/5/2020 6:51 PM

Dont know where his build thread is outside of instagram

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oh man that 1st line is...something

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if your gonna have it as a museum piece that wont be used and you want something in showroom condition then go for it. otherwise look for a little more beat up 125 and build into a nice bike

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i would say if you if you want a 250t get one and dont worry about the power. itll take a bit more to get used to a 250t vs 250f but out of the 3 the 250F is easiest to ride. its power is closer to a 250T but forgiving and has more power/torque than ... more »

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i had this when thor released it. wore it till the pants had holes too big to repair. one of my favorite kits ever

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yes a good friend of mine ordered the rmz250 shock assembly. i think it was around $450-500. swapped right in and worked well out of the box. stock spring rate was stiff enough too. he had the BFRC shock revalved (i dont remember who) but said this was ... more »

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the ones in the pic do not look the same. they look like bell bottom kayaba's. the ones for sale look nice but not 2500 nice I could easily be wrong though

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hey something to try and dyno Colton Aeck is testing out Keefers RMZ250. He cut out a good portion of the airbox and trimmed the inlets on the side plates. This helped increase airflow to the bike and livened up

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with the current climate....itll be difficult at best.

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in the last 10 years i've had so much other life events, where life is changed dramatically, that getting out even on my MTB for a few hours is hard and a little guilt comes along. Marriage, military, a couple kids, job changes, college etc. All of this ... more »

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his contract has an auto renew option if he finished top 3. Aplessinger has already signed back on for Yamaha and they are most likely signing Ferrandis for 2021. At this point Barcia is the odd man out and there is already Sexton and Mclrath coming ... more »