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i buy it cuz i can get a sponsor deal for half off, and since i can get 2-3 sets vs retail for a set of Fox for example i cant really justify buying Fox when im on a budget

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Did ml512 get hands on any of the geico parts?? Haha. Now you got a top level rider, no excuses now lol. All jokes aside best of luck for 21

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when your special the rules dont apply

Added reply in a thread Anyone have pics of 05-07 RMZ450's they have built? Here is mine. 10/24/2020 12:50 AM

one of the great things about the rmz450 is they havent changed much of the dimension or design theory. the 1st gen is close enough i've seen someone (with a little fab) fit the 08 body and tanks. I always loved the 4 speed on the 450s too. long gears ... more »

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Update Ive gotten to a few other areas of the bike. I installed new brake pads and rotor up front and rebuild the master cylinder.

I installed a new Guts seat cover and seat foam cleaned up the jetting, I leaned out to what ... more »
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Wasnt harntraft staying on KTM or Gas Gas?

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I've seen a few lately in norcal go for 3000

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i wish more info on these was published. i have almost zero knowledge regarding bikes outside the big6(7 or 8 now?)

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well the team lost Gieco for next year which is apparently a fuck ton of money. if they cant a get a big title sponsor i imagine the team will scale back to 2-4 riders absolute max. and that includes amateur riders. i could see Jmart going to JGR on ... more »

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go to cheapest mods: cut the airbox down (its apparently bottled up pretty good) add a muffler better air filter and if you have money do these also ... more »

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Redbull KTM. Not enough promise to chance him Roger wants a complete rider and one without baggage (nothing wrong with family but) RMATV KTM, gear issues If he is on KTM, the only team i expect he could be at would be Tedder with Davalos. Its SX only, ... more »

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to name a few others Tallon and Tyson Vohland Tommy and Wil Hahn alex and Jeremy martin here is an article on this from a few years back on Racerx

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hey FYSA i dont know if this is the same model triple clamp, but i remember there being quality issues with the hardware on the Universal brands. there were issues with the bar mount bolt snapping

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2006 to 2014 kx450f were on the "large size" It's a notable "complaint" from reviews for years

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hes not wrong. old school practice sessions, track builders would go and throw haybales on top of lines to force guys into other lines. I do belive running a 1 day program isnt helping. they need to open friday and run qualifier race

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I still have a 2004 rm125. great chassis, motor isnt as solid as a the yz or ktm but on a 125 skill can overcome.

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word from Matthes was that the relationship between team and Mook soured. issues with running a "less than factory" was mentioned. and him holding tight to 7even will keep him from most teams (ie non factory) as many have gear deals built into the team ... more »

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even though KTM factory will field some 250's, this is a top premier team, top 15 guys arent going to get a look at this kind of ride. I could see Jmart going here for 1 year of 250 then 450.

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Nice ive had a few rm125s over the years. I started with an 03 in 03, an 04 in 07, a different 04 in 2011 and just picked up another 04 that ive been refreshing over the summer. (dont know how i keep picking up a 2004 model) heres one of the suzuki amateur

... more »
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wake me up when he's actually lined up and racing