When people seek out a contractual truck driver, they will often search Online Lists meant for services like MC driver jobs. Melbourne's many commercial transporters, as well as individual clients, select drivers from such Online Portals for the multitude of options on offer. Another distinct search pattern used is for "MR driving jobs"; Melbourne being the hub of Australia's vast transportation industry - and hence rather specific on requirements.

The difference? A MC (Multi Combination) vehicle is drastically different to handle on the road than a MR (Medium Rigid) class truck. Although it depends on the skills of a particular driver; only a senior, more experienced truckie will be selected to handle MC driver jobs. Melbourne based transporters are especially strict on such matters of experience and skill.

Here are some tips for any commercial truckie to understand, and better understand handling a large vehicle on the long, and severe highways of Australia's mainland!

  • Be sure to get enough rest. A professional truck driver in Australia is definitely used to long hours of driving on empty stretches, without any other vehicles in the vicinity for miles. The serene landscapes and smooth asphalt may cause drowsiness; causing a hypnotic lull, even to the most seasoned truckie! Short naps at regular intervals; and the necessary (when possible under deadlines!) proper sleep is vital for road safety.

  • Do not overstrain. No matter how well you are trained, or skilled for handling MC or MR driving jobs, Melbourne has no shortage of drivers or commercial assignments. If you skip one assignment, you can always find the next one on 1800DRIVERS ... But driving in  a "burnt-out" condition without rest may mean comprise of road safety for you, as well as other vehicles. Be responsible to the fellow drivers!

  • Coffee / Energy Drinks are not the answer to fatigue. On long highway stretches, and with the tedious work that truckies perform; a few Red-Bulls, or a large flask of coffee may only be a friendly companion - but they are not some form of "Super-Soldier Serum" off a comic book! Besides, remember to hydrate a lot - i.e. Drink The Water!

  • Nutrition is just as important as rest for anyone. One of the common things held entirely in disregard by most professional truck drivers is the quality and quantity of meals they take. It's important to enquire, discuss, and have information on all the better diners and eateries along the route you've been given when assigned MC driver jobs. Melbourne based online job portals often have an associated "Discussion Forum" to share such vital information amongst professional drivers.

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