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Messing with Dungey was only one of the many symptoms of the same problem for JLaw. Bit I do agree.

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So in a post race interview Dungey speaks of apologies he needs to make to a few privateers. He's being sincere and it is "they" who are on his mind during the interview after the 2nd moto. That impresses me even more than his race did. That kind of ... more »

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It was a difficult time for Dunge and fans those 4 years. This cannot be denied.

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Dungey hasn't experienced the intensity of a pro race pace since he retired. There is no replacement for that. I agree with your assessment of Eli.

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I remember the doubters in 2010 and on. I was never one of them..... niether was Dungey appearantly.

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This much we do know. Dungey is competitive. To not place well in a race doesn't sit well with him. Yeah, he's been out of it for several years and most here who are a bit skeptical have valid points to be considered as to how well we can expect RD to ... more »

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Looking forward to Dungey racing a couple rounds.

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I'm curious. Since I'm paralized and wear a leg I gonna have to sign up as a sex offender if I turn the valve and drain it in the bushes? Is it really necessary to take one violation of urinating in public and then add a sex offence charge ... more »

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Well, our moto brother OC no longer suffers. It is said that you can tell how loved a man is by the remarks of those who knew him when he dies. There is no room for doubt. It is beyond crystle clear that OC Scottie was a man who's friendship is worthy ... more »

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I'm usually just in the background but OC and I have a bit in common. I too am a paraplegic along withothers here and have been for 32 years now. It does get downright tough at times with the pain, sores, flap surgeries, burning bladder, infections, ... more »

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Is it possible that riders may experience a slight bit of stress due to the obligations and expectations of both themselves and their team? Hey, I gotta admit though, just chilling in a high end motor home while the teams mechanics go over every inch ... more »

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Most riders who pass Barcia immediatly rely on every inch of Peripheral vision they can muster until the threat of road rage has passed.

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I remember me and the next door neighbor kid....who is now my step brother, both got new YZ Yamaha 125's in 1977 to replace both our 74 MX 125's. One night after attending an SX race at the Coliseum he starts seriously talking about wanting to becoming ... more »

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When Osborne realized Savatgy was within reach and the championship up for grabs it must have sent an extra adrenaline shot through him. Everything in life suddenly became crystle clear. Catch Savatgy and pass him! Having come from way back and suddenly ... more »

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Marty also lost the last national in 75 at Hangtown to Tim Hart in that crazy mudder. Tim told me about that experience not long before he passed away. Cool seeing Marty push his own bike back to the pits. Legend. My condolences to all family members ... more »

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It would be easier to win the upcoming 2020 SX series on a Hodaka with two flat tires than to obtain a Gentlemen's Agreement with a majority on the subject of the booth. Its...... Mission impossible.

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I used to ride alone in the Mojave outside of Barstow California. Its how I learned to go fast over time. It was stupid now that I think back on it. This was in the 70s and 80s when just the family and a friend or two would camp out in nowheresville. ... more »

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Not every race night will be memorable. There was some good racing though. Not time to pull the plug just yet. If I've learned anything here it's that the Vital prophets never know ahead of time which race will produce spectacular viewing pleasure and ... more »

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I think the Ford Transit is a great choice! Its solid and they have a decent ride and maneuverability. It matters!