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I had a 2011. After a Tokyomods remap and revalved suspension it was pretty good

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My old 04 SX250 Thing ran great until I broke the exhaust flange and there wasn’t anything to do to fix it besides replacing the whole cylinder.

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I really wonder what makes the 18 that much better than the 17, aside from suspension? It’s not really any lighter and is the motor that much improved? I would think the rear suspension on the 17 is better out of the box, easier to set up.

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I have an 18 FC350 coming off a 14 RMZ450. The 350 feels considerably lighter and turns about just as well. I kind of wish I waited 4 more months to buy mine then the updated 19s would have been available. In my experience I use much more of the overall ... more »

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TP199 needs to show up on that RM500 again.

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Despite being the least talked about new bike for 19 will it be anyone’s guess that we see substantial changes to the engine? Will it come with a more traditional rear shock rather than the BFRC found on the 450?

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The press release of what's new is pretty much verbatim of the 2013 KTM. Good progress as now they're only 6 years behind the Austrian bike and down to only 11 pounds heavier.

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I have an 18 Husky FC350, this thread has been getting me a bit worried and apprehensive.

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Weren’t there rumors of the reveal being at Thunder Valley this weekend? Wonder when kawi will show the final production model

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I’ve also had bad experience with Dubya. I understand they don’t manufacture the excel Takasago wheel set, but you think they would stand behind the durability of it. My second ride on my $1400 wheel set I taco’d the front rim. I was looking for at least ... more »

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I bought one of their decks a few years ago as a teen. May have been in bad taste

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The sheep will proceed to buy it

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Bike is amazing to ride. Coming off a sluggish 14 RMZ450 I couldn’t be happier with the choice I made. It is much more confidence inspiring and I don’t get nearly as tired riding it compared to the old 450.

Got approx. 1.9 hours on it
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Anyone know if spy shots are available or the acclaimed all-new models? Saw plenty of the 2019 KX450f at the Japan nat’l, yet the new YZ250F or RMZ250F have been under wraps.

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I agree, the fact is that selling streetbikes is more important to them as a dealership. I just wish the guy saved me the BS point about getting in a car wreck vs a streetbike accident.

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A few weeks when I was at the dealer buying my new bike, I overheard some guy scoffing as he told his son, “who would pay that amount of money for a bike you can’t ride on the street?” A little over a year ago I applied to work at a small motorcycle ... more »

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