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I would suggest that powder coating a pipe is only for show and it will not last under the heat of the exhaust. I would suggest doing a ceramic coating and it will last almost forever. It looks a bit like chrome and will last and not stain. Paw Paw

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Check you float setting. If set too high it will cause it to flood in rough conditions.

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That is why they make a nut cracker tool. Pick up one at Harbor Freight for a few dollars. It will split the nut and it will come right off without damaging the bolt threads.

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You know I see this all the time where Bubba introduced the scrub. Let me tell you for sure it was being done back in the early 80's by some 80cc riders of the day. It was just not understood at that time by many and most thought it was just for show. ... more »

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Your bike should not need a 51 tooth rear sprocket. You need a 47 or 48 on the rear to get the correct torque.

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Each class gets 30 minutes practice on one day. They do combine classes for this practice. No other practice during the week.

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Can't get the link to work.

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Yes, I do know what you are taking about....If you run too much octane you will see just what you were seeing in the performance of the engine. The engine does run cooler as the fuel burns slower and you will lose power as the result. I would suggest ... more »

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I have the same pipe on the same bike and did not have to rejet.

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I made a bike carrier for the trailer hitch to use on the back of my pickup truck. It incorporates a Bike Shoe to hold the bike, so no straps. I also built in a stabilizer for the unit so the carrier and the bike are rock solid during transport, unlike ... more »

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Check your crank bearings.

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I have used Hot Rod cranks for some time and feel they are as close to OEM as possible. Just remember that with any replacement crank you need to check it to make sure it's true running prior to the install. The cause for 90% of crank failures with low ... more »

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I would suggest that they are having a vapor lock issue.

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Ok, just my take.....When he went down in the first moto he did not get outside help. In the second moto he did not get outside help when the bike was lifted off him, but I did see outside help when another person was pushing the starter button on the ... more »

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A broken timing chain tells me you may have bent a valve. Why would you put on a new head and not put on a new timing chain? You may want to also check the fuel pump.

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Nice, I like it!

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Your cam chain could also be worn to the point where the tensioner does not work any more.

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Are you taking about the "seal". Part # 25 in this drawing limk? If so they wear out and your is about 4 years old so replace it as well as the color and the two inner O-rings.

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Have you checked the power valve setting. It makes a big difference in power delivery.

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You know most of the mx national riders moved the engine 2-3 mm's forward in the frame. No Yamaha has shortened the distance from the motor to the steering steem to do about the same thing. I see a lot of differences in the engine and read of more. I ... more »