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Trans bearings replaced? Paw Paw

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X2 plus check all vent lines a critters love to build nest in them whick causes a reduced air flow and this causes reduced fuel flow. Paw Paw

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Check the ignition coil for OHMS reading on the primary side as it could be low and allowing the spark to get weak and break down under hard use. Paw Paw

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The sag does effect the clicker setting as you are starting the stroke in a different starting point. Set sag then deal with clickers. If no go, change sag and reset the clickers. Do this until you find the sewwt spot. Tire ais press ure make a big difference ... more »

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Stay right were you are. If you get too tight you will have starting issues. Intake valve stems grow in length over time. They also beat and wear the valves seats in the head. Either way you loose valve clearance over time. Set to the loose side always. ... more »

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I just read an article that states that Ford is coming out with a mid sized hybrid pu truck in a few months that will get about 40 miles per gal and 0-60 times in the 4-5 sec time with a full size bed and a price below $22,000. I am waiting for one of ... more »

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Over the years I have found that the valve lash spec's from HotCams is too tight and causes starting problems. Return to OEM valve lash spec's. YOu did not say if the bike is EFI or carb unit. If carb unit then clean the carb and jets as well. If EFI, ... more »

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Check them with a magnet to see if they are metal or alloy. The clutch basket looks to have been filed in an attempt to smooth the finger wear off. This can leave a lot of that size shavings if not cleaned. Paw Paw

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Worn out cam chain caused the issue , but also note that the other vales were also hiting the piston too. Paw Paw

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Relax your grip with your hands so you can ride relaxed. Grip the bike with your knees more. I am not a rider that feels like the softer grips do anything but make this issue worst than the use of harder grips. Try harder and smaller diameter grips and ... more »

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Clean all the ignition coil mounts and connections. PawPaw

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I am not talking about hydro lock , but rather an issue where the fuel is not being burnt and thus collects in the lower case. This can happen when the engine is not run hard enough to keep cleaned out. Pull the spark plug out and kick it over many times ... more »

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Is the spark a bright Blue is color? If not you have a spark issue. Paw Paw

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There are many reasons for bike not to run and in this case too many things have been altered to know for sure what was done either correctly or incorrectly. Why not just dump it and look for another and better project as this one may turn into a money ... more »

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The worst day at the races is still better than the best day at work. Paw Paw

Started new thread Pala TV showing changed??? 5/29/2021 3:11 PM

It was to be on at 5pm central time for the second motos and has only been posted for about 2 days. Now we are at that time and date and it has been pushed out until Monday????? What gives???? Paw Paw

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Crankshaft seal leaking? Carb float set too high? Carb float needle leaking? Do a compression test. Paw Paw

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Replace cam chain. Reseal throttle body to intake and head. Make sure your valve clearances are correct. Clean fuel injector and fuel filters. Paw Paw

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Fuel screw at "0" states that you are getting too much fuel from some where. It should be somewhere between 2 and 2 .5 turns out from seated. YOu don't need the TPS for this bike to run good, but you can set it at about .5 volts at idle. Check float ... more »

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Hell in my area the state sales tax on a new bike is more than those fees buy it self. My recourse is to buy the bikes out of state to avoid those taxes and then work with the dealer to reduce or eliminate as many of the other fees as possible. Years ... more »